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What happens if a person has Anorexia

Ive wondered a few times what Anorexia is and if i have it. I hardly eat anything cause im trying to lose weight. Im unsure if i have Anorexia 


Re: What happens if a person has Anorexia

Hey @Chocolatefeather1, thanks for your post. I know how confronting and challenging it can be when you think you might have something like anorexia, or any other health issue. I'm very glad you have found us, and I hope that you continue to reach out. Heart


ReachOut has a number of factsheets and articles about eating disorders which you may be interested in - specifically What is anorexia nervosa. However it's always best to seek a professional opinion about this, as we are not qualified to give medical advice here on RO. Have you considered speaking to a GP or other medical professional about your concerns? Heart


There are a number of services you can call as well if you would like to discuss this with qualified staff. The Butterfly Foundation is an excellent resource in this area, their phone number is 1800 33 4673. We also have a factsheet on state-specific support services which may be helpful for you as well.


Please let us know how you go. Heart


Re: What happens if a person has Anorexia

Hi @Chocolatefeather1
@mrmusichas provided some very helpful factsheets and resources, hopefully they will help you Heart
I also think it's very important to get medical advice from a professional for example a GP and psychologist.
Here for you Heart
Please keep us updated Heart