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What is this?

I feel really weird i dont know what to do i cant get my thoughts to stop they are all over the place and i feel this drive that i have to do something big something really really big like i have to find something, something that has been hidden i know it is there i know it is and i just because i have too there is something out there and i can feel it and i keep getting these angry outbursts that i cant control and i cant sleep i am up all night thinking and thinking and thinking and there is something that is inside me that i cant it feels weird.... i feel like i need to go somewhere i feel alive but more than that ugh this is so weird i dont feel right. 

Re: What is this?

hey there @Eden1717 things seem very confusing for you right now. A combination of your emotions, trouble sleeping and knowing what you are feeling. It's great that you've been able to share this with us here, but it might be a great idea to talk this through with a counsellor (even a crisis service) just to be able to vent it out and get things clear for yourself. Great places to start are Lifeline or Kids Helpline. What do you think?

Re: What is this?

Helplines just hurt.... just forget about it @Sally-RO