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What's 'Something's not right' all about?

Feeling down?  Lonely, stressed, or got a worry on your mind that just won't go away? 

If something’s not quite right, this is a place to focus on making it better.


This is a place to talk about coping with life's road bumps and challenges - focusing on your strengths - not only the negatives.


The mods, builders, and other members are all here to listen non-judgmentally, and support you no matter what is going on. 

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself, or suicide please go here for immediate support. 


Remember to always follow our guidelines - and be mindful to add a "Trigger warning" by including the letters 'TW' in the title of your  post,  if what you are sharing is particularly heavy, or might be difficult for others to read.  

If you read something in this section that is triggering for you - read this post that talks about what you can do. 


You can also make a real difference in someone's life in this part of the forum - by listening, and responding compassionately with some kind words, you can show others that they are not alone, and that someone cares. 


It can be challenging reading through all the Tough Times people are going through - so remember that what you're reading is the bad stuff of life - be sure to balance it out with all the positive stuff on the forum as well!  If you're supporting others, or even if you're just reading - be sure to 
LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!   - Go here for some good tips on how to do that 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here