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What's 'Something's not right' all about?

Feeling down? Or lonely, stressed or got a worry on your mind that just won't go away? If something’s not quite right, this is a place to focus on making it better.


The 'Tough times' area of the forums, including 'Somethings not right' is a place to talk about coping with life's road bumps and challenges - focusing on your strengths - not only the negatives.



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Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?

Things have been going really well in the new forums and I just wanted to highlight some of the great things I have been seeing. Something's not right is the place to figure out the help you need when something is not quite right . It’s a place to share your strengths and the ways that you look out for yourself every day. It takes effort from all of us to keep it healthy and solutions focused, and I've been seeing you all work together to make it a place where we help each other - not bring each other down. is not a counselling or crisis service, this is not a place to get ongoing individual support. The forums are focused on community and discussion about issues. As always, make sure you remind new users to check out the Community Guidelines which help to keep the forums a safe and supportive place.


It's up to all of us to make this space as healthy as possible. Describing traumatic or harmful events in detail can be triggering for others, so it's been really impressive to see how everyone is talking about the issue & the feelings behind it - rather than the detail of the behaviour when talking about difficult times like Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Suicide.


As we all know this is not a place for people to have their own "diary" thread. It's been an important change that people have been avoiding having one thread that they continue to go back to and update. The forums are about community and discussion about issues - not one-on-one support. is not a counselling service. 


It's up to each of us to keep this space from turning into a place that brings eachother down - and it's been working really well! It's not helpful to always focus on the negative and the things that are hard, so it;s been great to see everyone spending time on the Wellbeing board too.


So, keep being kind to yourself and don't hesitate to click report if you are worried about someone. Not sure about something? Have a question about this forum? Post it below...

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All about starting new threads

Practical ways to challenge negative thinking: start new threads!


Instead of always going back to the same thread that you started. Everyone is encouraged to start new threads when you have something to discuss in Something's Not Right or Getting Help rather than going back to old threads.


For example - it's fantastic to goback to the thread and update up on how you tried something to get help - whatever that may be. And next time if you face another issue - even a similar issue post a new thread. That way the forums stay energised and fresh feel like they have movement, rather than a feeling of being stuck or going round in circles. 


Starting new threads creates a more helpful and supportive culture as it avoids "diary" type threads that can sometimes end up with people updating the thread only when things are hard - this used to happen a lot on RO. It can be pretty disheartening for others to read and for the poster as well end up feeling like they are going around in circles. They might read and think - what's the point? Instead of, I should give ___ a go!


We aren't set up for one on one support but Kids Helpline and e-headspace totally are set up for individual one on one support so emailing/chatting/calling them in an ongoing way is really beneficial - as you well know! Keeping a journal in your own time can be a helpful way of organising your thoughts too! Looking forward to continuing to see you around the forums!!

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Re: All about starting new threads

So i just posted in the somethings not right thread.  I was really hoping someone could recognise what i went through and would have something to encouraging and reassuring to say.


Then i read this.


Guess this isnt the place for me after all.  Excuse me for saying but i dont really see the point in having a forum where you cant even describe what happened to you.  ridiculous really.

Re: All about starting new threads

Hi Miss J, welcome to Reach Out! These guidelines, along with our community guidelines, are designed to keep Reach Out as a safe space to talk about yourself and your health. We steer clear of using certain terms and descriptions of self-harm and medication (for example) as they can be very upsetting and trigger relapse or harmful behaviours in some users. You can absolutely talk about yourself and what you're experiencing, and I hope you can stick around and continue sharing your story with us!

Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?

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Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?


Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?

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Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?

Hi @Andreana26

We have cleaned through the forums. your username will stop popping up on bing in the next few days, sooner maybe, unfortunately the search engines take a little while to catch up! 

Re: What's 'Something's not right' all about?

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