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What to do

I have some people in my life who feel so bad that they think self-harm and suicide is the answer. They feel as if I'm the only person they can talk to but what happens if I can't maintain that and I end up failing them? They don't want to see a therapist or a professional because they don't want their parents to know and they feel like they have nothing to talk about which is completely wrong. I don't know what to do and need some help!! Thanks guys Smiley Happy)



Re: What to do

Hey @anonymousnobody


Thanks for sharing your story. This is a really difficult situation that you have found yourself in, but there are ways to help them.


You can encourage them to call helplines when they need to, even offer to be there with them the first time that they call. We have a fact sheet here at RO that you may find helpful on what to expect when calling a helpline. Some helpful ones would be kids helpline (1800 55 1800), lifeline (13 11 14).


We also have a fact-sheet on how to help a friend who self-harms. It focuses on a range of things including encouraging them to develop their own self-help plan to when they feel like harming. But perhaps most importantly, it talks about how to look after yourself whilst helping your friends. Don't be afraid to talk to a counselor about how to better support your friends.


Encourage them gently about seeking professional help, even suggest, if you are up to it, that you go with them to talk to their parent/s or school counselor. 


I hope that you find some of the information provided to be helpful and feel like you can come back and talk to us about how things are progressing.


Take care,



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Re: What to do

Ok I will, thank you so much!!