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So today I was talking to my school counsellor and I was telling her how I’ve felt really guilty and stressed and depressed and suicidal lately and she said I need to try some self care strategies what the blueberries is self care? I’ve never cared about myself?

please bring some light into this darkness??

idk what she meant by it I kinda just nodded and smiled then I had to go... (we ran out of time)

idk what to do

Re: What?

Hey @Mrstweety5482 well done on opening up to your counsellor about this. It's really important that you do. Did you feel she heard you? Are you feeling safe right now?


Self-care is essentially turning the love and attention we give others inward. It looks different for everyone Smiley Happy So for me it's yoga, walking the dog, meditation, taking myself for a coffee, reading, playing music.


For others it's colouring in, painting, swimming etc. It's essentially taking time out, regularly, to look after yourself. Does that help at all Heart ?

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Hey @Bree-RO I didn’t quite feel she heard me... 

i kind of don’t really feel safe from myself (like I have urges to hurt myself, none to kill my self at the moment) so I’m just gonna go to sleep probably in a bit to stop these urges 

the counsellor kind of rushed me out the door, I guess she had more important stuff to do than to help me.

oh well 😔 

Re: What?


Ok the self care stuff makes a lot of sense thanks!

Re: What?

Hi @Mrstweety5482 !
It's a great thing that you came on here and asked about what self-care is because we're really passionate about it here on RO.
For me my self care plan is: watching Netflix, listening to music, even working out helps me too.
What are some things that you might put into your self care plan?