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I had this whole paragraph planned in my head about what I was gonna write on here but now I don’t even care.

i just wanna leave. 

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Re: Whatever

Hi @Just_nobody,


I am hearing that you put a lot of time into planning what you were going to write, the fact that you have made this post and put some words together here is such a big step and we are very grateful you have reached out to us Heart


It sounds like things have been challenging today. Would you like to talk with us about what is happening for you? We are here for you Heart


You've mentioned wanting to leave, are you able to elaborate on what you mean by that? 


Check out our community activities calendar for November 2019 here

Re: Whatever

Hi @Just_nobody 


I have had to remove your post. I have sent you an email. Please check your emails when you get a chance Heart

Re: Whatever

Sorry :/

Re: Whatever

I just can’t stop. 

Nothing I do is working and I can’t stop myself.

The thing is I don’t know how to stop.

theres nothing else I can do.

i seriously just shouldn’t be here anymore 

so im sorry 

Re: Whatever

Hey @Just_nobody 


Please don't feel the need to apologise to us, we understand that you're in distress and we're here to support you. I'm really concerned for you right now - Are you safe right now? 


I think it could be a good chance now to remind everyone that it is completely okay to talk about self harm. If you need to talk about self harm on the forums it's really important that you confirm that you are safe at some point in your post. Because we all care for each other here, it can be distressing for others to read if they are unsure if you're safe Heart If you could confirm that you're safe that would be appreciated - if we don't hear back from you by 4:30 pm today I will need to remove your post. 


I want you to know that it's possible to recover from self-harm - even though when used as a copying strategy it can feel like you don't want to stop doing it. Anything that relieves pain is something humans naturally want to seek out. The trick is finding methods of coping that aren't harmful to you - because you are worthy and important Heart 


Is there anyone in your life that you trust that you could talk to about these thoughts you're having? 

Re: Whatever

Yes I am safe right now.
I’m struggling a lot with self harm and suicIdeal thoughts but I am currently safe.

Re: Whatever

Hey @Just_nobody 


I'm glad to know that you are safe Heart In saying that my heart goes out to you as you experience such difficult things. It takes incredible courage to get up and face each day when you are feeling so low - I want to recognise that you are seeking help which is a difficult first step to make. 


Do you feel like you could open up to a loved one about how much you're struggling with self harm and suicidal thoughts? Know that we are here to help you get the support you need Heart 



Re: Whatever

I’m not really sure.
My boyfriend is really supportive of me but I’m finding it harder lately to open up to anyone.
I’ve just been getting worse with self harming and idk what to do about it.
I just can’t stop wanting to do it.
It’s never been like this before so idk why I’ve suddenky become really addicted to it.
I’m scared and idk what to do.

Re: Whatever

Hi @Just_nobody 


I know it can be really hard opening up but it is important to let other people know what is going on.  You deserve support. You shouldn't have to go through this alone. It's awesome that your boyfriend is really supportive. 


As @Bre-RO said, it is possible to recover from self-harm. We believe you can do it, especially if you have the right supports in place. 


Are you seeking professional support at the moment? 


Do you think you might be able to foster the courage to tell your boyfriend about how you're feeling? 


If these urges to self-harm become unbearable tonight, then we'd encourage you to contact a helpline for support. Please see our urgent help page here