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Re: Whatever

Yes i currently see a psychologist and my counsellor at school.
But I’m still finding it really hard to tell them anything because I thought things were getting better. Like I was feeling better. But then all of a sudden I started hurting myself again and I just couldn’t get suicide plans out of my head.
Yes the plan is still there but I’m safe for now
And I told my boyfriend about it all today and he’s just trying his best to help me get through it and make sure I continue living.
But trust me, I certainly don’t make it easy for him.
It’s just not fair to anyone.
But idk how to stop myself.

Re: Whatever

Hey @Just_nobody! Thank you for telling us that you're safe. It's also great to hear that you still have your plan Smiley Happy

That's great to hear you currently seeing both a psychologist and a school counsellor. Just to quickly clarify, you're finding it difficult to tell them anything because you were getting better? If so, I just want to let you know that it is totally normal to spiral back down again after you've gotten better - and I'm pretty sure both your psychologist and counsellor agree with this too. Yes, it really, really sucks when we spiral back down again - it's like we're back to square one, right? Especially with self-harm. It's so, so difficult to stop it - it really is easier said than done.

I was wondering what strategies you've already tried to reduce to self-harm? When I used to self-harm, I would often write down in a journal the pain I was feeling and that really helped with preventing harming myself.

Good luck! I believe in you - sending hugs of support <3.
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Whatever

Hi @Esperanza67  

 yes I am finding it hard to tell them things aren’t good because I feel it will just ruin all the progress we have made. 

And Ways ive tried to stop myself from self harming? 

I draw on myself or if it’s  late at night I just try to go to sleep.

Re: Whatever

Hi @Just_nobody, I have sent you an email if you can please have a look Heart It can feel like you might disappoint others if you tell them the truth.. but our mental health journeys are never in a straight line. Sometimes we might go up, down and all over the place. Everyone's journey is different. Recognising these things can help us to treat ourselves with a more care... and less judgement. Health professionals often have a whole range of experience and know that our recovery is not always in a straight line too. A lot of things about progress can't be taken away - I am sure there is so much knowledge and strength you have gained along the way. The most important thing is getting the support that we need and deserve. Opening up to the health professionals in your life might be able to help make things good again. It could also allow you to discuss strategies to stop self-harming. It can be such a big and scary step to take.. Is this something you have discussed with them before? Smiley Happy

Re: Whatever

@Taylor-RO  Thanks, I read your email and replied. 

And I have spoken to my psychologist about self harming strategies before and I used some of them but back then I didn’t really need to as much because I was able to stop myself from the urges. But now it’s different and even when I try to stop myself I can’t. 

So idk what to do.

But I am safe right now. 

Re: Whatever

Thanks for replying, we appreciate it @Just_nobody Smiley Happy
It is great that this is something you have spoken to them about self harming strategies before. As I said, it can be a challenging conversation to have.. so well done. It is okay if things have changed in your life and you need more support. Maybe it would help to let them know that you are finding it difficult to stop? They may be able to offer different strategies that are more specific to this. Sometimes general strategies help, sometimes we might need something a little more unique to us. We are all different so it is perfectly normal to need to try different strategies. What do you think? Heart