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Re: When a relationship goes bad...and I'm not coping

Very much so @honky

I can understand that I am not an easy person to deal with when I am angry. But it seems like he didn't really care Smiley Sad He said that he knows that I'm trying really hard and so he broke up with me because he feels like he's not trying (?) and that's unfair to me. So that's where it gets confusing and weird. 

Stay excellent

Re: When a relationship goes bad...and I'm not coping

Hi @Myvo, so sorry to hear about your situation and how it's making you feel. I'm glad you've posted here on the forums, and hope that the RO community is able to be a source of support for you. 


It's really tough when something that was important to you and you had future hopes pinned on (such as a relationship) is taken away quickly, I think it's quite normal to feel like you can't cope in these situations. I'm glad that you've felt talking things out with people has been helpful to you, and also that you've been able to distract yourself a bit with work. I went through a pretty tough breakup nearly 5 years ago, and I remember what an awful time it was. You're right in that it's a slow process to 'recover', and I think it shows great self-awareness that you recognise this.

Re: When a relationship goes bad...and I'm not coping

Sounds tough @Myvo, you're stuck with confusion because he knows that you're trying, but wasn't - which lead to your break up. How are things going?