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When is the end

I came to Australia 2 years ago as an international student doing a degree at uni.

Until now I feel so lonely sometimes I feel like crying inside, I don’t have a family, I am staying with housemates of different nationality, they speak their own language (non-english) when we get together, every time we all hangout I feel like isolated and it hurt sometimes I wish I could join the fun and laugh together.

I dont stay with my friends of same nationality because some of them I feel uncomfortable.

I tried making friends here it was just so hard, I tried and still I am lonely.

I changed my way of dressing still some people make fun of me, even harder for me to get friends.

I have stayed strong but I feel like I can’t anymore. I tried everything


its hard



Re: When is the end

Hi @Dn17 welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing Heart. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling lonely and I can imagine it would be difficult being away from home. You mentioned you feel like you can't stay strong anymore, are you able to keep yourself safe? Also what are your interests or hobbies? Have you tried joining any groups or events where you might be able to meet people who enjoy similar things to you? 

Re: When is the end

Yes, I’m safe thanks. I don’t really have any particular interests or hobbies, I just do things randomly and I like mostly everything, politics, movies etc. I have joined some events in the past, I wanna join any events at uni but I don’t know,  it would be weird to join by myself cuz usually people would have company to go to any events and like I said I don’t know if it was just my negative thoughts, people see me weirdly not all just some and sometimes it stops me from participating in any events


Re: When is the end

Hi @Dn17 - welcome to ReachOut forums , and thank you for opening up and sharing what's been going on with us. It sounds really really hard, and my heart goes out to you Smiley Sad Loneliness is just the worst thing, and I'm sorry that you're feeling it. 

It sounds like you're trying lots of things to make friends, and feel more connected - but being in a new country without family or friends is so difficult. 

If you don't mind me asking - where are you from? It might help to connect with people from the same place as you? 
Do you contact your family and friends back home for support? 


We're here for you Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: When is the end

Hi @Dn17


It must be really hard to come to a new country without your family or anyone in general. I get why you feel so lonely. It doesn't sound like a pleasant living situation. Is there anyway you can change that? Move somewhere else? Into another dorm perhaps? 


People who make fun the way you dress shouldn't be your friends anyways so you're not missing out on that. Real friends won't care how you dress. It's true that some people are already friends when they go to university events however half of them won't know anyone else either. It's okay if you don't know anyone there because after awhile you'll get to know them all! Try going to the events you'd be interested, you don't have to talk to anyone or anything. Just show up and see how you like it, if you do then go again and you could open up to people later!

Re: When is the end

Hello @gina-RO, I am from Malaysia, I know few Malaysians here but i don't like some of them. I don't really have a good connection with my family, my parents they don't really care whats happening with me here, I haven't talked with my family in a long time. I do chat with some friends from hometown but not that often.

Its kinda hard to explain but i just have nobody.

But yeah I will keep on trying to feel more connected, maybe yesterday I was just feeling down cuz I was doing everything by myself and that made me feel alone but now I am okay.

'Just be positive and look at the brightside'


Re: When is the end

Hello there @LeoTheLion, my housemates and I, we just moved into a house in the city 2 months ago. after the lease expires maybe I am thinking of moving somewhere else where I could talk with anybody who speak english. Dorm is a good idea, I will think about it.


My friends they don't make fun of my appearance, its just some strangers but yeah I don't really care cuz now I think I know how to dress, I'm learning a lot by observing how people dress and youtube etc. About the university event, yeah its true what you said 'half of them won't know anyone else either'. Yes I reckon I will do that from now on, I will be alert on any events. Cheers^^

Re: When is the end

University events are usually always super friendly! Especially those who organise it are super welcoming to new comers @Dn17


Dorm is an idea but if you're looking for more English speakers then I would suggest look for apartments or houses to share online. Just call them up to see if they sound likeable and ask about the roommates and stuff. Dorms are different for a lot of universities (in terms of who stays there) so I don't know, you would have to find out before deciding. 

Re: When is the end

@LeoTheLion Yes I believe so, uni organisers they are all super friendly.

I always look up online for a place to stay like gumtree and flatmate, pretty useful websites. Cheers Leo!