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When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

I made this because I'm in that exact mood outlined in the subject title and have been for the past week and it would be reassuring to know other people get like this and just have a little rant to get my mind off things and to at least do something. It's a state I often get in when I'm anxious, stressed or putting off something I'm meant to do (usually school related) and it's not productive, useful or fun so if anyone also maybe knows of ways to snap out of it when they get like that it'd be great if they shared. 


In case I need to explain what this 'mood' is better, I mean when you just sit around not really feeling like doing a single thing, you just want to lie down and do nothing. Reading, getting outside, eating, watching a show etc- all the things that would normally have an appeal have none and if you try doing them your mind is somewhere else and distracted and bothered but you can't pinpoint the thoughts you are even thinking about. You can somehow manage to spend an entire day doing nothing and you don't know where the hours went- and the entire time you're sitting there wanting to feel productive, wanting to do something but you just can't bring yourself to and so you spend the entire day waiting for it to be over so you can end the boredom. You always end up being left with this guilty feeling for having wasted all those hours yet the next day, you do it again. 


(I reallllly hope this is not just me that does this otherwise it sounds ridiculous and lazy).

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

Oh forgot to say I'm not really sure about some of the categories on this site so not sure if this is the correct use for the 'special discussions' section but I didn't feel like it fit into tough times either. 

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

Hey @RedKombi great thread, thanks heaps for opening up the convo. I think it's a pretty special discussion Smiley Happy


Yes I think I know the feeling you speak of. There's just a mental block isn't there.. Do you experience this feeling fairly regularly?

Sometimes it's as simple as, I want to shower and go to the supermarket.. but we can't even make it past the couch. 

In that zone I try to find one little thing that I am really passionate about to send my legs at least somewhere outside. Usually it's "If I can get to the shop, I can grab a coffee on the way." Coffee is the big motivator for me Smiley LOL Do you have any motivators that are similar?

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

@Bree-RO I get like that for most of the school term but I haven't felt that way in a long time because of summer holidays. At the moment the reason would be less than one week till school goes back and I'm in year 12 now so it's kind of intimidating not to mention all the things I have had 8 weeks to do but have not started. Othertimes besides school related I get that way is if there's something coming up in maybe a couple of days that makes me nervous- just little things like going out to lunch with a friend I'm not close friends with (not sure why I get anxious about those things but I do) or if there's something small I'm meant to be doing but don't want to such as packing a suitcase to go on a trip. I don't know why it feels like such basic things need such an enormous amount of effort to get started but yeah I don't actually enjoy sitting around doing nothing and feeling lazy. 


Ummm a motivator sounds like a really good idea but no I don't really think I have one of those. I've been told when it comes to school to think of the final result to get yourself moving, like when you get your ATAR and it's all over and the hard work pays off but all that does is make me think of the long term and all the things from there you have to figure out once you are no longer in school as well as thinking about the HSC in general which only results in stress. It's not always school or unpleasant productive things that get me that way though, sometimes I know I need to get outside and maybe go for a swim or something to clear my head or be healthy but you're just feeling too low to act on something that you know would make you feel better. There's just always something to get anxious about that just makes doing nothing seem easier even if it's boring. 


I know it doesn't make a lot of sense and it is pretty stupid I'll admit. 

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

hey @RedKombi thank you for sharing part of what you're going through with us. Firstly I want to reassure you that your feelings are NOT stupid at all. I think this is something quite tricky to overcome, and it's really brave of you to ask for help.


A motivator night be something that you usually enjoy doing, even if you wouldn't enjoy it as much when you're feeling this way. For example, do you enjoy reading or watching TV? You could say to yourself that you get to watch one episode or read one chapter after completing X task, maybe? What do you reckon?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

@RedKombi I get this feeling a lot and I think executive dysfunction may be a term that can describe it; it's a symptom in a lot of mental disorders including depression. Basically executive dysfunction may affect planning but it also really messes up your motivation to do stuff, like even though you know you SHOULD do something and you CAN do it for some reason you just can't and it's so frustrating.

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

Yes!! I hear you

I get this often. For example yesterday I said I was about to go for a walk. But then I ended up just sitting there instead. I say I'll go to the gym... but never go. 

My problem is that I don't have very good internal motivation. So if there is no one else I am accountable to, I won't do it. But say a friend asked me to go for a walk and they are the motivation then I would have gone. 

I get this a lot and then beat myself up about it because I feel guilty for not doing things. Ah it's so confusing and frustrating :/

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

Thanks for sharing @RedKombi. It's not stupid at all, it also happens to me often, unless I'm stupid?Robot Embarassed


How are you feeling today?Smiley Happy

Re: When you just don't feel like doing anything but want to do something

I think this is a very common thing to go through sometimes. I usually end up feeling this way after a really busy week, with little to no time for myself or when I've been unable to settle down during the week prior. I can understand the student life/commitments, but one day off can help set up a very productive week. It's definitely not lazy or ridiculous, in fact, I like to think of it as a way our body/mind is just telling us "not today" and that's also a very ok thing.

When I get into these moods, I usually just give in to it. It takes a bit of a pep talk sometimes, and even then I don't feel up to doing that either. I usually end up watching mindless movies - mostly comedies for a bit of a giggle. And this can, and usually does last a whole day for me. Most days I try and just remind myself, that it's ok to shut down once in a while, we're just in need of a re-coup and the pep talk is really not about 'snapping out' for me, it's about channelling what I feel into something that is ok. Because it really really is. 


Personally, sometimes these moods I blame on feeling stagnant. That I spend too much time at school or doing things for my career, or studies, or family or friends. Which is great. But then it makes me feel like I've neglected me, and that's why I feel like I need to do something, but I'm burnt out so I don't want to either. In these situations no matter how hard it is, I make the effort to go for a drive somewhere to just sit - usually, I head to a no-network zone in my city. Or I'll go swimming, the park. I've recently started going out for lunch - on my own. Sometimes, with friends. But in these moods, I generally like going out by myself and trying to bring some confidence to myself or just a hot coffee. 

If I have to leave you with anything @RedKombi, it's ok to feel this way and it's ok to take that day and stay in bed, or not, but it might also be a game of trial and error to know what helps and what doesn't. Maybe as a break in routine find a weekend activity or something run in the community you can attend every so often. I hope you're feeling ok!