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Why am I feeling so lost?


First time poster, first time reader. I’ve been struggling lately... big time. I recently just got married to my wonderful husband and I’m so over the moon but then next minute I get overwhelmed with emotions where I am sad, feeling lonely, just can’t stop crying. It’s frsutating because I am happy but it just happens and I can’t stop. 

I have had a traumatic childhood and I have never dealt with it. I thought today I would take the day off work, go to GP and see what we can do. I told the GP what had been happening but they just put it down to me job (which is a high pressured job) and gave me a couple days off work but that isn’t going to make me feel better. That isn’t going to stop me from feeling average. 

Im a counsellor so I know a few strategies but nothing is working and I don’t know why? 

Re: Why am I feeling so lost?

Hey @Hopefullyhopeful Smiley Happy


I know when I've gone through major life changes (even happy ones) it takes a lot of adjusting and can sometimes stuff up my mood. It sucks that your GP doesn't seem to be grasping the whole situation - it's still really great that you went though Heart


Have you talked to your husband about how you're feeling?

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Re: Why am I feeling so lost?

@lokifishHe has been supportive but it’s hard on him as well. He gets hurt that I feel so alone when he is there and gets frustrated which then starts into an argument. So sometimes I just don’t bother. He came with me to the Docs and said he was super proud of me being brave and stuff. 

He does try and I know he is coming from a good place but it’s not helpful when he gets frustrated. I’ve also communicated with him what I find helpful and he just doesn’t follow through.

Re: Why am I feeling so lost?

Hi @Hopefullyhopeful
I'm glad to hear you have reached out to your Husband and GP about how you're feeling! This can be tricky, so I'm glad you did that Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get much support from your GP Smiley Sad I wonder if there is a possibility of seeking a second opinion from a different GP?

What do you think would help you the most?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Why am I feeling so lost?

Hi @Bee

It took a lot for me to go and see the GP as I only usually go to the GP if I'm on my "death bed" or lets face it, pulling the ultimate sickie at work. So I was super proud of myself.

I will go and have another chat. I have a doc in another town.

I don't know what will help most and thats why I spoke to the GP to see if she could guide me.

Re: Why am I feeling so lost?

@Hopefullyhopeful Sounds like it was a huge step, I'm super proud of you too!

I'm happy to hear you'll have another chat/seek a second opinion. That takes a lot of courage and strength. Smiley Happy

That is totally okay that you're feeling a bit unsure as to what will be most helpful.

Please keep us updated Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart