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Why is my life so horrible?

I've been having really bad days the last few days. I've been self harming every chance I get and purging up my food after every meal. I've been feeling more and more depressed and alone like no one cares. I've been starting to think of ending my life...although I know I won't act on the thoughts it's a bit scary that I'm having them.

Anyways this is a short post but I think you sort of get the idea of it so yeah. Aha x

Re: Why is my life so horrible?

Hi @Pillow 


Sounds like you've had a realy rough string of days there. I don't know if it helps at all but we all have strings of bad days from time to time. I had a few last week. It's funny how you never get just one bad day, huh? It's always a bunch of 'em.

When I feel like some bad days are coming, I like to make sure I have some things planned that will cheer me up, like going to the movies, or playing some video games.


Everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — has thoughts at some point about ending their life. Sometimes it's out of curiosity, sometimes it's due to a mental health issue, and sometimes it's because things aren't going too great.

There's nothing wrong with having thoughts about it —  they're only thoughts. That you state "I won't act on the thoughts" shows that you know that and that you know it's not a real option. It's if you start acting on them that you should be worried.


Hey, with all the self-harming and purging (which itself can also be a kind of self-harm), you could use some help to reduce that behaviour. Are you regularly seeing a counsellor or psychologist at all?


Re: Why is my life so horrible?

hey man sorry to here your having such a hard time

and i agree with the dude up the top everyone at some point has thought about

just ending there life and stuff like that .


but heres the absolute truth about high school . it ends like you walk out of that place in

year 12 and you dont have to see those people again . even internet contact dies you

start a new which is scary at first but its a part of life


you just have to distract your self for a few days . listen to good tunes stay on reach out for a few days

find a hobby . youll be ok man i believe in u

Re: Why is my life so horrible?

hi pillow
im sorry to hear you are having a bad time and it can really suck when you have a bad spell then seems to last forever but hang in there things will look up eventually 

here is a great fact sheet about self harm
and suicide

if you want to talk to someone, one on one, you can call kids help line on 10800 55 1800

I hope things look up soon