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Why wont they listen to me?(possible TW)

I dont understand people say ask for help when you need it and i HAVE been but nobody is listening i have tried everything i can try on my own and nothing is working I have been asking and asking for help with my eating issues but everyone ignores me and i literally think this is going to end up killing me because of damage to my body but no one will listen like do i have to get on my knees and beg what the heck do they want from me i am trying so hard but i cant control it i dont know what else to do anymore. and then there is all the trauma stuff and that is also runing my life right now but again nobody will take me seriously and like i just dont understand what they want from me. i cant keep crying over this i cant take another night crying myself to sleep and taking an hour to get up in the morning again because all i want to do is disappear. i have too much to do i am tired and i am so freaking fed up with everything. 

i am safe btw but just really annoyed.  

Re: Why wont they listen to me?(possible TW)

@Eden1717 oh man I know that feeling... I'm so sorry you're having to deal with people doing that..


I can look around for some more resources about coping with eating issues if you want (I need to do that for myself as well actually...)

I know that you've probably looked at a whole heap of options already, but occasionally having someone else looking can help you find something you may have missed for some reason.


Do you know what help (that you'd find useful) would look like? Sometimes people only help if you spell it out to them unfortunately, plus knowing what you want might give you a better idea of who best to go to. 

Re: Why wont they listen to me?(possible TW)

Hi @Eden1717 

I know that it sucks because it feels like nobody is listening to you, that feeling sucks 😣 😔 I know how it feels to not want to get out of your bed as well but  here is a website that might be able to help 

With your eating disorder but I believe in you please don't give up trying to fight it because your worth it 💚 xx

Re: Why wont they listen to me?(possible TW)

Hi @Eden1717! I'm sorry that you're still struggling with eating issues. Smiley Sad How are you feeling today?