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I am so confused??? I have really bad anxiety in social situations (not 'social anxiety' tho) and I have no idea where it comes from and I just feel so alone. People in my class can answer questions, and even put their hand up, but if a teacher asks me, my heart just starts pumping like crazy and I can't form any words. My friends can get up for a speech meanwhile I'm frozen in my seat. Everyone in my class can talk to each other but I have a small friend group who I still don't feel fully comfortable talking to. I can't even order my own freaking coffee most of the time, and if I do I just go as red as a tomato. I cried the other day because a substitute teacher I didn't know was watching me work and I panicked. Am I just too weak to handle it, and everyone feels the same way? Is their people like me and I just haven't met any? Or is it possible I have an issue? I just feel so lost

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Hey @Blurryphaced, it sounds like all of this has been playing on your mind a lot. It is unsettling when we feel different from those around us and I can see that it has caused you to question yourself. I am curious as to why you mention 'not social anxiety', have you spoken to a health professional about your feelings of anxiety before? It is really nobody's place except a doctor or psychologist to decide whether you have an issue. What I can say is that all of this seems to be concerning you and impacting you significantly and so I would recommend speaking to either of those professionals to find out more. In the mean time, you can chat to eheadspace or Kids Help Line if you need extra support or discussion right now Smiley Happy


You also don't have to have 'issues' to experience feelings of anxiety or sadness or to see a doctor or a psychologist about these things. I can guarantee that you are not alone and hopefully the community here can remind you of that! We all have different things that make us nervous or anxious although sometimes it can stop us from doing things that we want or have to do. That is when it is important to reach out to professionals to discuss how you are feeling and how it can be managed Heart

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hey @Blurryphaced

youre not alone, im exactly like you Smiley Happy like @Taylor-RO said im curious to why you said “it’s not social anxiety” to me it seems like it but has a mental health professional said it’s not ? would you be interested in contacting any of the helplines above @Taylor-RO suggested ?

we’re always here to listen xHeart

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@litgym @Taylor-RO Thank you for your responses Smiley Happy I have seen a psychologist before about feelings of stress in social situations however they have given the impression that it's just that I'm quiet or I may just be different than most people.

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Hey @Blurryphaced :-)

Sorry to hear you're feeling confused at the moment. I'm curious about how you went with the psychologist in the past? Were they helpful?

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@JanaG Not really to be honest 

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Hey @Blurryphaced that's no good Smiley Sad 


What was it do you think, did they not actively listen or provide any guidance etc?

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Hey @Blurryphaced!!


I'm so sorry to hear of all the struggles you are having in social situations, but I really just want you to know that with practice and with help, things can definitely improve!!


In terms of talking to a psychologist, which I see you have done before, I really recommend trying it out again with someone different (if you can). I myself have been in a similar situation, where I saw someone who thought I was just quiet, who didn't understand me at all and overall ended up making things worse rather than better. After this, I was ready to never go back, and just give in to how things were. Luckily, however, I decided to give it another try and talk to a different psychologist. Now, I regularly see someone who is really good for me, who gets me and listens to me, and helps me understand how I can be better for myself, and happier.


So I definitely suggest giving it another go if you want to, and maybe you can find someone who can professionally help you through the anxieties you are having in social situations.


Best of luck, I'm rooting for you <3


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hello @Blurryphaced how are you going?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

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@scared01 Thank u for you r response ! I'm not dead and that's a positive I guess