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Will It ever get better??

I made a big mistake, I’m in late year 11 and me and my mates are big party goers we’ve all experimented with drugs and I’d never had a bad experience specifically with pills. I never had a come down on pingers and I was occasionally using defintley not abusing. I wasn’t feeling overly bad but I do think I was quite stressed before due to family stuff. But I went to a huge party and took 2 everything seemed fine at the time but I got very depressed a few days later and since then things keep going down hill no matter how good things are. My relationships with my friends are getting damaged and I feel alone and like my closest friends hate me a lot. The worst is when I have an episode when I’m with my guy when something v small upsets me and sends me into such a depressed state I think about rlly scary stuff and I’ve spoken to my school counsellor but I have no idea what to do. I can’t control my emotions and when I’m upset I can get very down. It’s been a month and things don’t seem to be overly improving??? Does anyone have any experience and will this ever get better? I have not touched drugs since. Thankyou 

Re: Will It ever get better??

Hey @maddyss, welcome to Reach Out. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it's really brave of you to seek some support when you're feeling this way. Heart


It sounds like you've been having a really tough time, with lots of depressed feelings and scary thoughts at times. It definitely sounds like you've got a lot of stress in your life at the moment, with year 11, family, friends. I'm wondering whether you ever had these feelings of depression before the night of the party you spoke about, or if this is a new experience? Are there times when things feel better or you feel more stable and happier? 


From what I understand about stimulant drugs, with some you can feel a 'high' immediately after taking them, but a few days later have a 'drop' and feel very depressed. I'm not sure whether this can last over time though. 

From my personal experience with mental health, times when there are more stress in my life (like with family or study commitments) tend to make me feel more depressed and down. Do you feel that's true for you, too? 

I want to reassure you that things can absolutely get better! You may need some more time and support, but there is no reason why you can't begin to feel more stable and happier in yourself and your life. What are your goals for after high school? Do you have anything that you're really passionate about or interested in or that makes you feel better? 


It's awesome that you've spoken to your school counsellor! Were they able to suggest anything helpful? How would you feel about talking to another health professional or service, like your GP, Kids Helpline, or eheadspace


You mentioned having some scary thoughts and I just wanted to ask whether you've been thinking about hurting yourself at all? If you need support right away, you can call Kids Helpline at 1800 55 1800 24 or Lifeline at 13 11 14 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your local emergency department can also help you if you're thinking about hurting yourself Heart

Re: Will It ever get better??

Hmm I have never taken and illegal/illicit drugs but I would assume that it depends on how long the drug stays in your system for example marijuana is supposed to be present for anywhere up to 6 months depending on how fast the person processes the drug. But I would say the drugs you are talking about should probably be out of your system by now.... if things aren't quite right by now I would consider seeing someone about it to get professional advice.