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Work Exp Anxiety


My work experience is in two days and I am LOSING IT

I feel so s t r e s s e d ESPECIALLY because of my social anxiety, and I don't even know how I'm going to survive. Anyone have some good tips for coping ?


Re: Work Exp Anxiety

Hey @Blurryphaced I'm sorry to hear things are really stressful for you right now, it might help for you to check out our thread on coping strategies and distractions here;

Another thing that could really help when you go to work experience is to do lots of breathing, as useless as it sounds, it can really help to calm your nerves  and bring your focus back to the situation. 

Also, just trying to stay focused on one thing at a time really goes a long way- try not to stress about a million things at once. For example grounding exercises; like 5 things you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste or just holding something in your hands like a rubber band or a fidget toy.

Hope your doing okay right nowHeart


Re: Work Exp Anxiety

Hey @Blurryphaced firstly, congrats on getting some work experience! 

I am in the same boat at the moment doing an internship and I didn't sleep a lot leading up to it because I was so nervous. 


Taking some of the pressure of by reassuring myself that they knew I was going in to learn and I didn't have to be perfect or good at any thing really helped to ease some nerves. They are taking you on to support you and your learning Smiley Happy


It can be daunting meeting new people and environments with social anxiety. I would recommend putting a self-care plan in for after your first day so that you can unwind and debrief. 


Let us know how it goes! And reach out if you need some support from us here during the day Smiley Happy