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Wrong choices

I've never posted anything before or got help, so I thought this might be a start, I have made alot of mistakes and wrong choices, I always have. Recently my drug and alcohol obuse has gotten alot worse, and at the end of the day that's all I look forward to, I havint worked in a long time, I know I'm better then this but something has dragged me down and it's hard to get back up, suicide is constanly on my mind and I don't know why because alot of people are doing it tougher then I am.

Re: Wrong choices

Hi Sam


This is an important first step that takes a lot of courage. Thank you for sharing with us here.

You may think others are doing it tougher but don't diminish your own situation. You are equally deserving of help as anyone; your life is just as important and valuable as anyone else's.


We have a few resources about alcohol abuse here which may be helpful, in particular you can compare yourself with the 'Signs you might have a drinking problem' article to get an idea of how serious your situation might be.

There's some info there too about drugs that should help you out, too.


You're right: it is hard to get back up. But not impossible. Many have been in situations like yours and have managed to pull themselves out of it but everyone needs help. It's important you talk to someone about your situation and tell them how you feel and that you need help. Preferably a friend or a family member. If you would prefer talk to someone else about how you feel, you can visit your doctor or local GP, or talk to someone on the phone at Lifeline on 13 11 14.


If you're worried about suicide, please put together a "safe plan" that can help you avoid this. This includes reminders of things you can do to make yourself feel better, a list of people you can talk to, and ensuring you're in a safe environment. There's some more information in this article:


If you want to share more with us here, you can. We're happy to listen but also please talk to someone.

You've taken a huge and valuable step just by sharing your story with us. All I'm asking is you take one more step by talking to someone; all you have to do is pick up the phone.


And make sure you pop back and keep us updated!

Re: Wrong choices

Hey Sam,


Sending you positive vibes mate. It sounds like you are doing it tough, but you are also clearly fighting back mate and that is really inspiring to see.


Just coming on here and sharing how you feel is a big step, and I'm really glad you did it. Also, everything Lex has said above is totally solid. Importantly, talking to someone one on one (be it a mate, a GP or calling the good folks at Lifeline)  is the next step. I really encourage you to give this a go. 


Keep fighting mate - and let us know how you are getting on. 



Re: Wrong choices

Hey Sam,

I think acknowledging that your drug and alcohol use is a problem is a good first step. When you're aware that something needs to change, there's a greater chance that you may do something about it. There are people who can help with these issues, for example a GP or a headspace centre if there's one near you.

Everyone has different levels of coping, regardless of how tough others may be doing it. If you're thinking about suicide, it's important that you DO get help. This can be in the form of a help line like Kids Help Line (1800 551 800) or someone like a GP or psychologist.

Take care of yourself.

Re: Wrong choices

Hi Sam. Sounds like you really need to get some help. Use the resources that have been given to you. You seem to be aware there is something wrong and sound like you are willing to do something about it. At the age of 22 I was a very lonely, suicidal person sitting in a park drinking metho and aftershave. I had suffered numerous seizures and bouts of pancreatits. My liver was just about past the point of no return and I was very very sick, both mentally and physically. I had started drinking at the age of 14 and I had just gone from bad to worse to a very bad alcoholic in a very short period of time. Every morning I would wake up and even before eyes had opened I was thinking about where my next hit (I was using drugs as well) would come from. I spent years searching for answers and then one day I realised I had never asked myself the right questions. It was then that I walked into a rehab. I am now 37 years old and have been clean and sober for 15 years. Living life on life's terms can be hard sometimes but it well worth it without any drugs and alcohol. I shared a small portion of my story with you Sam not to give you help, but to give you hope. Sometimes hope is all we have and if we hold onto it for long enough something good will happen. Hope you are doing well.

Re: Wrong choices

^ Awesome response @Calvary31 - it's great to have people swing by our forums to give others hope - especially during dark times. Thanks mate Smiley Happy

Sam I hope you'll come back and let us know how you are getting on.

Re: Wrong choices

well we made alot of wrong choices in our lifes but in this case you really need to know what your up against . really look up the substance you have been taking and understand what cravings and what damage your actually doing to your self . secondly there alot of amazing agencys and social and youth work services that offer alot of help in drug and alchol help . and as horrible as this sounds you have to distance your self from some of your friends that use . just take it from me if everyone in the room is having bongs or having pills it will be that much harder to stay sober . i wish you luck my friend

Re: Wrong choices

Hey Sam,

I think you're awesome, you're aware of the fact that what you're doing is detrimental to your mental and physical health.

Coming on here is a step forward in the right direction. Take on board some of the suggestions everyone has made and let us know how you hold up and progress.