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Young pain

My young pain is hurting the trauma is running my life again how can I take back control I couldn’t tell my youth psychologist when I had a conversation with her today I regret not saying something 

Re: Young pain

Hi @gmusicj,


Feeling ready to be open with mental health professionals can take time, and that's okay. The fact that you are seeking help and keeping up your appointments is a win, even if you didn't get to everything you wanted to say this time. 


Is there anything you would like to chat through with us? We are here to listen Heart

Re: Young pain

Just my anxiety and the pain it brings how can I break free of the feeling like I need cry 

Re: Young pain

Hi @gmusicj , 


That anxiety and feeling all of those pent up emotions can be really tough Smiley Sad  Is there anything you've tried in the past that's helped you when you're feeling like this? I think I mentioned breathing exercises and grounding techniques to you yesterday, and I know for me, exercise is a massive help when I'm feeling anxious or agitated, especially if it's something I can do outside while listening to music. 


It's great that you've seen your psychologist, even if you weren't able to get out everything that's going on in your head, as Jess said that often takes time. Are you seeing them again soon? 




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Re: Young pain


Re: Young pain


Re: Young pain

@gmusicjWhat you said about feeling like you need to cry strikes a chord with me, when I was working through a lot of trauma I felt like that a lot and there really isn't much to enjoy about that feeling. I still do feel like that sometimes. If I'm somewhere safe and with people I feel safe with, I sometimes find that talking about my feelings or watching an emotional movie will open up the face-taps and I'll feel better having let it out. Other times when it's not so easy to cry I look at my other options, and try to center myself. @Janine-RO mentioned some great things that can help with that Smiley Happy Some of the things I do are play the piano, or go for a walk and look at the flowers.

@Jess1-ROand Janine both mentioned how it's quite normal and okay for it to take some time to be open with a mental health professional, adding on my experiences that was definitely the case for me too. Some things I wanted to tell my psychiatrist were on the tip of my tongue for weeks or even months. Sometimes it helped me to write down what I wanted to say. That made it easier to talk about those things because I didn't have to put the words together during those conversations, I'd already done that. A couple of times I even just let my psychiatrist read what I had written down, and then we talked about it.

I feel it's also worth mentioning that the sessions where I didn't talk about what I wanted to were still very much worth having! They might not have seemed much at the time, but just being there consistently really helped that therapeutic relationship to be what it needed to be.

Re: Young pain

I use to see a youth psychologist who I could tell everything to I even told her when I started hurting myself and I didn’t how to deal with my emotions being played with my psychologist helped me stop and she saw me cry a few times and I’ve had attacks in front of her beyond humiliating and I’m always in the correct place if I have one like today in

my youth work course we talked about heavy stuff and I had a tear run down my face and people saw it and asked me if I was ok I was ok 

Re: Young pain

@gmusicj It sounds like you had a really strong connection with your youth psychologist and that you were able to open up to her quite well. Like you did with your youth psychologist, you'll eventually open up to your existing psychologist, it may just take some time which is totally okay. It can be hard to talk about things that hurt us the most.


Crying in front of people is okay as well. It's nice to hear that the people around you were supportive Heart


How are you feeling this morning?

Re: Young pain

Hey @gmusicj 


Just checking in with you. How've you been feeling?