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a quick update and failing at adulting

Hey guys! Ive been MIA. A lot has happened recently mental health wise I have been doing okay. But a couple of months ago my best friend (who was pretty much like my sister) died in a tragic accident. Ive been working on my grief since then but am doing pretty well considering. Missing her a lot and being a bit of a hermit addicted to youtube and such to try and keep myself busy lol. 


It looks like there has been heaps of changes on reachout! And i have no idea what is going on lol. 


Anyway im failing at adulting. I looked at my accounts and realised that i have had a mysterious sum of money taken out of  my account in the last 2-3 months monthly. Anyway i figured out that i accidently subscribed to something i had got on a whim as the free trial but forgot to unsubscribe. THIS MADE ME MAD. Ive lost about 15 bucks a month and didnt even notice. 


So anybody has any tips for managing money. Esp stuff like this. And also how the f am i supposed to forgive myself for this?!

anyway im back from my 6 or so months of not logging into reachout. Somebody help me figure out how to adult.

Ps sorry for the bad spelling my fingers are cold as i type this arghh 

Re: a quick update and failing at adulting

Hey @hopethepiano! So sorry to hear about your best friend. There are no words for how horrible that is Smiley Sad 


Yeah, the forums have undergone a revamp, as of yesterday! We're all still figuring our way around! Hope you like the new layout Smiley Happy


Hmmm... that's super frustrating. Free trials can be so sneaky sometimes! In regards to tips for managing money, writing down what you've spent each day could be a way to start. And maybe giving yourself a limit on how much you can/need to spend weekly. What do you reckon?


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Re: a quick update and failing at adulting

Hey @hopethepiano, I am so so sorry to hear about your friend. Smiley Sad


With regards to your money, I've found a bunch of apps that can help with money management. I've found that it's really helped since I've started university - you can input your wage each week and make budgets and deduct what you've spent so that you're on track. Do you think that might be something that'll work for you?

Re: a quick update and failing at adulting

Hi @hopethepiano

I'm so sorry to hear about your best friend Smiley Sad


In terms of adulting and money management, I make a spreadsheet each month! 

I figure out how much I will be paid that month and then I divide that into the essentials (food, rent, bills).  With the money that's left after that I will put the majority into my savings. I will always make sure to have some spending money though because you need to be happy and treat yourself sometimes Smiley Happy

I hope this helps!   

Re: a quick update and failing at adulting

Hey @hopethepiano I'm really sorry to hear about your best friend passing away. It's very admirable that you've been working on processing your grief. 


Adulting isn't always easy! It's important to be kind to yourself when you feel like you weren't careful enough. It's not possible to be on top of everything all the time. Take this as a learning experience rather than something you failed at. 


Money is a tricky area and it takes patience and practice to get good at managing it. Many people don't like to think about their finances too much because it seems scary (speaking from my personal experience Smiley Wink ). I really like @letitgo's suggestion of writing down every transaction you make. This is something I need to do myself. Anyone who's good with money will tell you this really works even if it seems like a lot of work. But if you do it enough times, it won't seem that big a deal and it will really help you get a better understanding of where your money is being spent.


As for free trials, maybe go through your email history and see if you've signed up for anything else?


Yes RO looks different from before! You can read about it here to see what has changed Smiley Happy