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anxiety and feeling detached and overwhelmed

hey guys, i have anxiety mainly centered on obsessional thoughts, with a bit of OCD, and i have been dealing with depersonalisation and derealisation for a long while now, but recently I have been getting this feeling of being overwhelmed with my surroundings and its disturbing me. I also feel detached from my loved ones and feel almost like they are strangers even though i know who they are. Does anyone know if this is related to anxiety, or has anyone ever felt like this ?

Re: anxiety and feeling detached and overwhelmed

hi @indieinsanus
it sounds quite scary and overwhelming to be dealing with these things. i can relate to you on some level esp with feeling detached from loved ones and being overwhelmed wth my surroundings.
You said this is recent, can i ask has something happened, or any triggerring events that are coming up, or added stress that may be contributing to this happening?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: anxiety and feeling detached and overwhelmed

Hey @indieinsanus sorry to hear that you've been feeling this way. Like @scared01 said, has anything stressful happened recently could be contributing? 


Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected is a really strange and disorientating feeling, so I totally get that you're feeling disturbed. I struggle with anxiety and some obsessional thoughts too, and sometimes I find out of the blue that suddenly everything around me is too much, particularly loud sounds and bright lights. For me, the most helpful thing to do when I'm feeling overwhelmed is to focus on something very specific e.g. the rhythm of my feet walking and it helps ground me a bit.