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anxiety, stress and panic attacks

hello, the last month and a bit have been so stressful and scary. i didn't know what was happening to me! first time i had an attack i was driving around i started to feel extremely different, very dizzy as if i was going to pass out, sick like i needed to vomit, my throat and chest went tight i was struggling to breathe. My boyfriend ended rushing me to Hospital, i felt like i was going to die. Then the doctors at the hospital said its probably because i was pregnant. so i thought when my boyfriend and i decided to get an abortion because we didn't want to bring a baby into this world because we both weren't ready, we both live at home, i'm still at school, he works full time, we don't have money or any idea what to do and we both aren't mature to do it, i do feel really upset for having an abortion but i want my first baby to have a life better than mine. i thought these attacks wouldn't happen after all that but they have continuously happen to the point where i went to get my nails done something i wanted to do so bad, i started feeling overwhelmed, anxious like i was going to have an attack so i messaged my mum to come pick me up i got in the car, my family asked me if i was okay and i just  started crying. the night before that happened my boyfriend, couple of mates and i were going camping i told them i didn't feel the best they said if it gets worse, we will just go home, it got worse it felt like my heart dropped. my throat and chest went tight, i started freaking out and was struggling to breathe. i put my street back tried to calm my breathing me got home and it took me a while to calm down and try go to sleep. I had a week and bit of school because i got to the gate of school and could do it.. started crying and felt like i was going to have an attack got really anxious and went home.i went back to school for a few days had an attack there, ended getting my timetable changed and got a card so i get leave class when i get anxious. i just want to stop feeling like this, be able to do things i love and be free. 

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

Hi @blueberry32 ,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out Heart.  It sounds like a really, really tough time for you at the moment Smiley Sad.  You have been through so much; therefore it is not a surprise that you're feeling so anxious. 

Have you spoken to anyone about this.  Services like Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 have 24/7 operated counsellors there to listen to you.  Sometimes simply talking about it can help.  Also, have you seen a GP or psychologist?  They can provide advice to help you stop feeling the way you are. 


We are also here for you Smiley Happy Heart

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

it hasn't been easy Smiley Sad

i haven't talked on kids helpline yet but i have talk to my GP.

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

Oh @blueberry32 it sounds like you're going through a really hard time Heart Welcome to ReachOut forums and thank you for sharing with us. 


It's so exhausting when anxiety is getting in the way of day to day activities. Anxiety is also something that can spike when we've been through a significant event in life. You mentioned that you had an abortion and I want you to know that many people go through a range of emotions after a procedure like that. From what you have said you made the best decision for yourself and that is the most important thing. I'm just wondering if you've been offered any support? The clinic you went to should have some information for you. If not here's some helpful websites for after abortion support and general mental health support. 


Pregnancy Support Australia can link you up with some support in your state. 

Know4Sure is a website with information for young people who have been through unplanned pregnancy - they also have a counselling number you can contact on 1800 177 725


We are also here for you Heart 


Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

@blueberry32 panic attacks can be really scary and debilitating, can't they? Smiley Sad

In addition to the links @Bre-RO's posted, I'm wondering how the chat with your GP went? Have they been a helpful source of support during this tough time? Heart
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Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

hi @Bre-RO, it most definetly wasn't the easiest decision i had to make and it have mixed emotions about the whole situation. thank you for your suggestions


Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

hey @lokifish, it was alright. im heading back tomorrow to see my gp

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

Hi @blueberry32! Welcome to the forums!

That sounds like a really scary, stressful experience. It sounds like you're going through a really difficult time. Panic attacks can be really debilitating too. Smiley Sad 

I hope your GP can help. Smiley Happy Maybe he can refer you to a mental health professional who can teach you some strategies to manage the attacks.

What do you think about using some apps that might be able to feel calmer when you're having an attack? ReachOut Breathe can help you slow down your breathing. Here are some other apps that might be able to help you feel better during an attack.

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

thank you  @WheresMySquishy, i went to my doctor today and got put on mediciation and then i go back in a week to make plan to help myself.

Re: anxiety, stress and panic attacks

I'm glad the appointment went well @blueberry32! Hopefully, the medication can help you. I think making the plan is a good idea too. Smiley Happy