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Re: appearance/body image

Hey @Bay52VU, it sounds like things have come to a bit of a head for you recently. You've been managing these thoughts on your own for awhile. Has there been anything in particular trigger your concern over body image? Obviously, you don't have to manage things on your own and I am glad you have shared with us that these thoughts have got really annoying.


@tsnyder has already raised some great questions around identifying your concerns and how you could possibly address them. Along the lines of what you can control and what you can't, are there any steps you could take to achieve the things you would like to be different? I recall you have used some strapping in the past, is this something you are still doing or are considering exploring further? A few things you mentioned such as a stronger upper body and legs sound like they could be achievable through persistent physical work. Have you thought about how you will do this?