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being succinct

Hi there, 

so I have a problem with being succinct, I think it might also have to do with my pen to paper process as well, I have trouble often thinking about what I am going to say, particularly when I am at uni. Like I know what I want to say, I just don't know  how I am going to say it....Is this a problem other people face as well? Because I have a learning disability it means that I find it also hard to put my thoughts down onto paper as well....

Re: being succinct

Hey @keezeik! This is a problem I can definitely relate to, sometimes I feel like I'm going around in circles when I am answering questions in class at uni. It is like I can't get to the point, or I repeat myself over and over. If you don't mind me asking, are you receiving any disability support from your uni? I know that my disability services department has some great resources to guide students through these kinds of challenges. 

Re: being succinct

Hey @keezeik ,


I thought I might share some advice my uni lecturer once gave me when I struggled with writing.


She told me that for 15mins straight I should just write and not look at the screen at all and only after that time could I read or edit it. I used to get so caught up with how it sounded I couldn't get past the first sentences till they sounded perfect, but actually having my thoughts down (even if they are long and meandering) actually gave me something to work with.


Do you think something like this would help? If you give it a go I'd love to hear if it does or doesn't work for u.

Re: being succinct

yes Smiley Happy

Re: being succinct

hmmm okay, yeah I think perhaps thinking about it or writing until i actually know what I want to say

Re: being succinct

Hey @keezeik,


How are you today? 


And I hope that method helps you a bit! Writing was my least favorite thing in school and it's really helped me Smiley Happy


Also I think you may find to a lot of people don't mind if you end up explaining things in a round about way, I don't think I've ever walked away from a conversation thinking they didn't get to the point quick enough


Hope you had a great Tuesday Smiley Happy 

Re: being succinct

Hmm true, I think though it’s mainly in class I have the problem? I think though it also depends on the class as well I of
My classes I’m having a bit of a hard time but we’ll see how it goes....

Re: being succinct

Hey @keezeik. I have the same sort of issue, but not as a disability. I struggle to get what I want to say on paper, when I have an idea. @Tasi, writing is not one of my favorites either, but I managed to get into the extension class for English at school, both year 7 and 8. I hope you both are doing well. I am here if you guys need me!♡☆Smiley HappySmiley Wink