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ending therapy is driving me crazy

Hi i've been seeing my therapest for about 9 months now and she says we we should end therpy soon. but I don't feel ready is she seems really adament about it, she says im not depressed anymore but i stiill think about suicide and the largest change was only due to antidepressents. I feel like there are so many questions left unanswered and also that the thought of leaving is making me panic. 



I know I should tlk to my therapest about it but the appointment is not for 5 days and i don't know what to do till then. this has brougjht up a lot of negative emotions for me and now i cant stop thinking of killing myself because it's the only way i can see of me fixing my problem.


Re: ending therapy is driving me crazy

Hey there pandality - is your therapist providing you with referrals for another therapist to move onto? Therapeutic relationships do have a lifespan and do come to an end sometimes but if you feel that you still need support then your therapist should provide you with options for where you can try next. Is s/he hasn't provided you with options yet then it's time to ask for them.


You are in control of the support you get and you might want to find out a bit more about your healthcare rights here:


However, as you mentioned you have 5 days between now and your next appointment - so if you need support in the meantime, particularly around your thoughts of suicide then it's really important that you phone or webchat with Suicide Call Back Service.


Just because you are having thouhgts of suicide, doen't mean you having to act on them. Have a read of this and this.


All the best & keep reaching out...

Online Community Manager


Re: ending therapy is driving me crazy

Hey @pandality how are you feeling now? I just wanted to echo Sophie's post about getting in touch with Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467) so you don't have to wait five days to talk to someone. It's good to have some back up on hand between therapy sessions, especially if there's any down time between finishing up with this therapist and starting with a new one.

You're a survivor and I know you can get through this! What normally helps keep your mind occupied when you're having dark thoughts?


Re: ending therapy is driving me crazy

Hey @pandality
You are so strong and even though you are going through a lot and having these suicidal thoughts, you are here asking for help and that shows that a part of you once to live and the others have given some good advice and I just wanted to let you know that we support you and you can get through this.

Take care of yourself, do some exercise or something that relaxes you and keeps your mind from these thoughts for a while.
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**