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Re: family dramas...

Awww @lemurien, I am sorry to hear that this is making you feel down on yourself. It sounds like you have a lot going on but no time to properly process it right now. I totally get that and it can get quite overwhelming when things just continue to build up and you have no way to ease the pressure. Have you briefly shared how you have been feeling with your partner? Just something simple about how you are feeling a bit under the pump and aren't acting like yourself right now. As you mentioned, nobody has a perfect family so I am sure your partner understands that you are in a tense and stressful situation and therefore may be feeling some really intense and uncharacteristic emotions. I want you to know that you definitely are not alone - being around family can be so difficult.

Have you thought of accessing a service like Lifeline, eHeadspace or Kids Helpline? It might give you a chance to get some of this off your chest and work through it a little Smiley Happy It is a bit tricky right now seeing as it is the holiday season - but I am wondering if you have thought of seeing a psychologist again?

Re: family dramas...

hello @Taylor-RO 

when I mentioned visiting with my family, that was in NSW, and of course the border with VIC closed the other day so my mum, partner and I had a very stressful couple of days racing back home before midnight Jan 1. I did say I wished I was back in VIC - talk about be careful what you wish for!


I did end up getting very emotional in front of my partner and trying to explain things to him, and I know he understood, although since I am feeling sad and stressed at the moment it’s hard to believe him when he says he understands and accepts me. I think you’re right that it would be a good idea to access a service and talk to a counsellor or psychologist, I feel I am struggling a lot right now. as you say, though, it’s really hard because it’s still the holidays. I have tried to ring my uni counselling services but they are closed. I rang headspace too but they said it would take a while to get back to me. I am not sure about kids helpline or lifeline as I have it in my head that they are for serious circumstances only? I am a bit scared of ringing numbers like that. Is it really ok for me to ring them?

Re: family dramas...

Hi @lemurien , 


I'm so sorry to hear that you and your partner got caught up in the border closure dramas, it sounds like that would have been so stressful, especially when it had already been a rough week. Glad to hear you made it back OK! 


Kids helpline and lifeline are absolutely there for whatever kind of support you need- people call them for all kinds of reasons, especially over the holidays when other supports might not be available- that is what they're there for Heart Sometimes it can be the luck of the draw about who you happen to talk to, but I've heard really great things about both services. Getting some extra support from them sounds like a really smart idea. Is there anything else you enjoy doing for a bit of self care? 


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Re: family dramas...

hello @Janine-RO, thank you for the reassurance. it is good to hear that lifeline etc are there if I need them. I was really struggling to cope when I was with my family, but then rushing back was so stressful and once I got home I felt quite depressed. it has been a whirlwind for sure but I am feeling a bit better today and got some support from headspace and my GP. you mentioned self-care so I tried to spend some time knitting and cooking with my partner and I'm feeling more positive Smiley Happy Although having family dramas is never ideal, I think it was more difficult for me than it needed to be, because I wasn't in a very stable place emotionally. I am sad I spent the time with my family feeling upset, instead of enjoying it - with COVID striking again who knows when I will see them again.

Re: family dramas...

Hey @lemurien, it is awesome that you received some extra support from headspace and your GP, and never think you're options are limited based on your level of need, because everybody has difficult experiences, and they are all as important as each other. 

I am really happy to hear you dived into some self care, especially with your partner, I think that is a huge positive for not only yourself, but your relationship!

Returning home would have been a massive transformation in how you were feeling, often we can be caught up in overwhelm and it's hard to find time for your mind to breathe, but that is perfectly okay and normal, and I am sure your family would understand as they were going through the same with one another by the sounds of it. Have you spoken to your family since you have left?

I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a list of all the positives and nice things you did with them while you were away or things you wish you got a chance to do? It could be nice to have a reason to return with something and something to look forward to. 

I hope you and your family are safe during the covid changes! Family are always, even if they can somethings get under your nerves haha Heart