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hey every-one

I was wondering if anyone knew hoe to help me with my family problems. I have devoiced parents and jave been recently split up with my sister which i dont see anymore and i miss her so much. I find myself always thinking of her Smiley Sad.

Does anyone know how to help?

Re: family

Hey @beetle090, sorry that things have been tough lately... Sounds like you miss your sister a lot and I'm sorry that you've been separated from her. Maybe others on here have been through something similar? 


There is lots of info on ReachOut that might help, like this story by Kate about her parent's divorce or this info on divorce which suggests thatyou might talk to other family members (like an aunt/uncle etc) about how you feel. You could also talk to someone outside the situation like a school counsellor or even try out Kids Helpline. Kids helpline have webchat as well as a phoneline and you can talk to them about whatever is on your mind. It's free, private and confidential. How does that sound?

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Re: family

Hey @beetle090,

Welcome to ReachOut. I'm glad you found us and could share what's troubling you.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been separated from your sister, you must miss her heaps. Smiley Sad

How are you feeling today? Did the advice Sophie gave help you at all? I agree with her that maybe calling Kids Helpline or finding an adult you trust to talk to about how you feel would be a great next step.

Take care!




Re: family

Hey @beetle090 ,


I just wanted to say that im really sorry to hear you have been seperated from your sister. I live in a different state to my sister and it can be really hard sometimes to not just be able to see her so I really feel for you right now. Sophie gave some great advice so please do think about contcting the kids helpline. In the mean time, I have taken to writing down bits and pieces of my day that i want to tell my sister about, then when I get a chance I either write her a letter, tell her on the phone or send her an email/facebook message. Im not sure if these are an option for you but it did make me feel a little better so if you can give it a shot.


Let us know how things are going when you can,


Re: family

hey @beetle090 


I think the suggestion that @chelsb made is a great one.

Sending her a letter or a card might really make a difference in her life as well as yours.

It could make a huge difference in both your lives if you keep up the communication. It might help you both make sense of the divorce and adjust to living with one parent instead of both.

Don't forget, once you are both adults, you're no longer required to reside with your parents so you guys might decide to live together again.


Are you living near each other, geographically? Are you able to meet up and spend time together?

Re: family

Thank you so much for your help. I feel a lot better knowing that i'm not alone.