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feel alone

Does anybody else feels sad alone don't want to get out of bed talk to anyone cry bout everything and lye there stairing at the wall

Re: feel alone

Hi Angel,
This actually sounds a bit like it might be depression-related. I've read some of your other posts and as you're going through so much at the moment, depression is definitely a possibility.
It's only natural to find it hard to get out of bed when you're really not feeling good about yourself.

There are a couple of online resources you can try if you're not up to trying the help lines just yet.
Mood Gym

Look after yourself Smiley Happy

Re: feel alone

Thable I hate my self

Re: feel alone

I know it's hard right now and you can't see it, but I'm sure you have loads of positive qualities.

I'm here for the next little while if you want to chat - about the serious stuff just to get it off your just, or just about anything really. If you see the Hanging Out section there's some more light-hearted threads and games and things that might help to take your mind off things, even if it's only for a little while.


Re: feel alone

I do want to I can't stand it or life right now

Re: feel alone

that's okay, just feel what you're feeling.
you've probably been given these numbers in other threads, but please do call one of them if you are feeling desperate:

Suicide Callback Service 1300 659 467
Lifeline 13 11 14

Re: feel alone

I aM feeling like that

Re: feel alone

I think you're incredibly strong to have made it this far, Angel.
And the fact that you're here reaching out to us shows me that even though you're thinking about it, it's not necessarily the answer you're looking for. I don't doubt for a second that what you're going through isn't incredibly hard on you. Nobody deserves to be treated badly, and there are many others (unfortunately) who've been just where you are now - and they've made it through.

I have a friend who went through a really rough time as a child/teen. He's now got a gorgeous wife and 4 beautiful sons. I think that shows that even though someone can be going through the worst time - you can find the strength to come out the other side and to start building happy memories and a fulfilling life for yourself.


Re: feel alone

Hey angel
I think everyone feels alone from time to time but not many talk about it so you are very brave for talking to us about it Smiley Happy Obviously something is really affecting you, can you talk to anyone around you, family, friends about what you are going through?

It might help

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: feel alone

No I can't talk to them