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feeling desperate and hopeless

i have anxiety and depression, i started taking medication recently, it's not supposed to kick in until 4-6weeks, but I'm supposed to manage my symptoms until then the old fashion way, NOT. there's something seriously bothering me. i don't know what it is or I do know what it is but can't say it. i know the anxiety and depression i feel is irrational but i can't change it or stop it. someone help. im 23 male, live with parents, no job or school

Re: feeling desperate and hopeless

Hey @catharsis92 - well done on getting yourself the help that you need for your anxiety and depression. It sucks that you feel like you have no support options while you are waiting for medication to kick in... Are you getting any counselling or therapy to compliment your medication? There are lots of self help options that you can use in the meantime....

I can see from your registration details that you are based in the US - unfortunately you've arrived at the Australian version of ReachOut so any of the resources I can offer aren't going to be right for you. Do you think you'd be up for heading over to the US ReachOut and re-posting your post from here??

Here's the link:
I also know that they recommend you contact Your Life Your Voice to get direct help one-on-one over web chat, text, email or phone. I hope you'll give them a try:

Keep reaching out

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Re: feeling desperate and hopeless

Hey @catharsis92!


I definately want to recommend seeing a therapist of psychologist as @Sophie-RO suggested. Someone with a lot of experience may be able to really assist you in understanding your personal sitaution and perhaps give you some tools to help.


A very useful tool for anxiety, however, is learning about mindfulness.


Im not sure about for America, but in Australia there are various ways to get funding or rebates to make seeing someone affordable.

Re: feeling desperate and hopeless

hi @catharsis92


I want to recommend seeing a psychologist or therapist as @Sophie-RO suggested. They have a lot of expereince and may be able to assist you in understanding your own personal situation and give you some tools to help.


One popular tool for anxiety is mindfulness. In a nutshell it is about training yourself to focus on the present moment rather then ruminating on the past or projecting into the future even perhaps catastrophizing. Theres much more to it then that, but just to give you a quick glimpse Smiley Happy


Also, im not sure how it works in the USA, but in Australia there a various organisations which provide some funding or government rebates which assist in making it affordable.