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feeling down

Hi everyone,

I am obviously new to this forum, so here goes. I have suffered OCD for about 10 years and its quite hard at times. unrealistc and intrusive thoughts pop into my head which i have no control over and it makes me feel quite anxious and recently i feel sad and a bit down about it all. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and if you have any tips of what has worked for you. Thanks

Re: feeling down

Hi Tiger! Welcome to the ReachOut forums. We hope you find what you need and stick around! Smiley Happy


We have some interesting articles and stories that give some great tips.


But it'd be great to hear from others here, too. Can anyone offer any tips for Tiger?

Re: feeling down

Hey Tiger,


Firstly great way to seek support by joining us here at reach out. Especially if it is good to off load how this is making you feel.


I thought these links may also be useful to you as they offer a link for support groups or services.  I Just thought it may be an additional way to seek out people that are also feeling like you.


I hope some people can relate and share their own thoughts, feelings and experiences with you on this.


LL Smiley Happy

Re: feeling down

Hi Tiger,


Welcome to the forums.


I have a friend with OCD and the ONE thing I have noticed is that it gets worse when he is stressed! So keep an eye on this. What makes you stressed? Is there unnecessary stress in your life that could be avoided? Do you have some good relaxation methods?  The OCD may be inevitable, but it can be possibly reduced, if you can identify these areas.


Another thing- many people have forms of OCD but it is not that obvious. People may be workaholics, addicted to exercise, clean-aholics etc. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but the important thing is to realise you are not alone. Lea Lea mentioned some support groups and this is a great idea to share and connect with others going through the same thing, and discover new ways to cope with OCD.


Meditation,  breathing exercises and other relaxation methods can  be helpful for everyone. Try to keep balance in your life, as well as being aware of your OCD,  which you seem to be already doing.


As I said, I have a friend, and the OCD also gets him down at times. He accepts the OCD will always be there, but he has learned to reduce the triggers and stresses in his life, and leads a pretty healthy lifestyle. This method of thinking may not be for you,  but there are plenty more ideas out there!!



Good luck and take care.


Binki Smiley Happy






Re: feeling down

I would most definitely suggest mindfulness and meditation like Binki mentioned.

Also it's not about control. Because when you seek to control thoughts, emotions, urges etc you will be at war with yourself. You need to discover acceptance with whatever your feeling at the present moment and mindfulness and meditation can help assist with that.

Re: feeling down

Thanks for the suggestions!!! I am trying the relaxation and meditation, which isn't too bad but i'll just keep doing this and maybe it will help more.