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feeling numb

Ive experienced being numb before but this is really weird.Im neither happy nor sad. laughter doesn feel weird.If i were to cry my tears would be empty.I want to blame this on meds but im hoping its a sign that my depression is improving.Im really tired of depression ive been suffering since i was 14 and it seems like only a small part of it has gotten better.A very small part. Ive done the hospitalizations the tears the dissapoinments.Ive even finally can say ive done disneyland for the first time at 20 a couple months ago.What i havent done is not feel anything.It would almost be a relief if i wasnt so worried that this wouldnt last and that i was either going to return to being sad or finally be happy.Anyway i dont have much to say the numb feeling will go away for now i figure i better be thankful for it


Re: feeling numb

Hi passionfruit3 … welcome to the forums.


Thanks for sharing with us here. Working through depression is a difficult experience and it sounds like you're a strong person to be able to maintain what seems to be like a quiet optimism.

The numbness can sometimes be a symptom of depression. Have you thought about whether something has changed recently that triggers these bouts of numbness?


It's good to maintain a positive attitude, though, and the impression I get is that, although you feel numb, that optimism is still there. Stay strong and stick through it. If things get really bad, talk to your doctor about it — maybe they will know what's up?




Has anyone else here felt numb the same way passionfruit3 is talking about? How did it pan out for you?


Re: feeling numb

Hey passionfruit 


I have had times where I have felt numb as well and sometimes for no reason whatsoever and I think its normal to have those kinds of days from time to time. Wow you have gone through so much but you are so strong and even though you are tired of it atleast you are trying to do something about it. That is something you should be proud of. 


What is something you can do that you love that will make you smile and be happy? 


Take care of yourself 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: feeling numb

Hi there,


I guess what you are asking is why are you feeling numb, and what can you do about it? 


This numbness is not uncommon, and it is great that you are aware of it and that something is not right. Be persistent with your doctor if your prescribed medication is not working the way it should. Good luck!


Re: feeling numb

Hi Passionfruit,


You have received some awesome replies.


Most people experience numbness as a normal reaction or emotion throughout life. As humans we are forced to face many situations and unfortunately we are not as great at predicting our emotional reaction to circumstances or situations, as we think we might be . We think we know how something is going to make us feel, then for some reason we react in an complete opposite way.What I am trying to point out is that how you are feeling may have been unexpected, yet it is completely normal.


Hang in there and keep believing that your emotions will allow you to feel something again.




Re: feeling numb

Hi Binky,


Thanks for being so active here on RO. Just wanted to let you know that I have edited your response on this thread. The reason is that a lot of it seemed very much like diagnoses and treatment recommendations which is not really what we're about here on ReachOut.


Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.


We really appreciate the spirit in which you're commenting, it's very kind of you to come here and reach out to those who are going through a rough time.