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feeling shit :(

so I went dress shopping with my dad earlier today and I was kinda hyped cause I was excited to buy a dress so we walked around for a bit and I chose I few but I was rlly hesitant cause I didn't think I would look good in them and then I tried them on. when I looked at myself I just felt so disgusted and grossed out and I broke down crying cause I felt so worthless looking so bad in a dress that I liked and so much shit has been going through and my self confidence has hit dead bottom now and I feel so useless and irrelevant and I honestly feel like killing myself. ive been rlly stressed the past weeks with exam and problems with my crush and I can feel myself distancing from my friends and not talking to them that much and ive been crying myself to sleep the past few days cause I think I stuffed up my exams and I feel like I can't do anything rite? im not pretty or smart or talented or have that many friends so what's the point. idk I just feel rlly shit and I rlly dont want to talk to anyone or go to school or rlly do anything...

Re: feeling shit :(

hey @ruthxxx

I'm really sorry to hear how stressed and upset you have been recently. It sounds like you've been going through a really difficult time at the moment. This time of year is incredibly stressful for a lot of people, especially for those who are coming up to the end of their school year like you. When you're totally drowning in different responsibilities and obligations, it can be hard to maintain a positive frame of mind. 

Unfortunately, when we are feeling down, stressed, or over burdened, it can be a time where any underlying negative thoughts or feelings we have about ourselves and our lives can start bubbling up to the surface. In the same way that you're more likely to get sick if you aren't getting enough sleep, our mental health can also take a beating when we aren't feeling our best. This can then mean that we start becoming overly critical to ourselves and others, become easily frustrated, and start overthinking things and doubting ourselves. 

It's really important that in times like this that you really lean on other people for support. In the same way that your dad might make you chicken soup when you've got the flu, you can also get help from your loved ones for this. Talk to your friends about what's happening with you, or get advice from your parents. While they might be annoying, they have lived through a lot of the stuff you're going through now, and can sometimes give the perfect piece of advice to let you understand or feel better about what's going on. 

I also want to touch on professional supports. It's really important that of you are having suicidal thoughts, to talk about it with a counsellor or therapist. this might be a school counsellor, or even kids helpline or eheadspace. Regardless of what you do chose, it's important that you talk to someone about how you are feeling. Unfortunately, we can't really provide crisis support here on the forums, as it's not an appropriate space to be in immediate risk - for either yourself or other users. Because of this, you must immediately confirm your safety if you are talking about feeling suicidal (you can check out this, and the rest of our guidelines here). 

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Re: feeling shit :(

I'm so sorry that your self-confidence has plummeted and you're feeling so bad @ruthxxx. Smiley Sad Shopping for new clothes can be so stressful when you don't feel good about yourself.

Are you safe right now?

I think you have a lot of great qualities, which you've shown plenty of times on here. Heart

I'm not sure if this would help, but the Butterfly Foundation has a service where you can get support for body image concerns.

I hope you can feel better soon. Heart

Re: feeling shit :(

Hey @ruthxx
I’m so sorry you’ve had to feel this way.
I agree with @WheresMySquishy, because you have definitely shown how wonderfully caring and kind you are.
Honestly, I feel like I distance myself from everyone too.

I don't really know how to explain what I’m trying to say, but just know that we value you here on RO, and that it’s okay to feel low. It’s okay to feel like you’ve hit the rock bottom. I have, no doubt about that. I also know what it feels like to love a piece of clothing, and just hate how it looks on me.

I’m here if you need someone to just talk to, but I’m sorry if my advice sucks.

Sending you lot’s of love and hugs your way!

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible” //

Re: feeling shit :(

I havnt done anything unrational and I am safe at the moment. thank you for asking and advising me @Andrea-RO

Re: feeling shit :(

yeh I have been feeling quite dizzy and getting headaches and major mood swings the past few days and my hair has been falling out in huge chunks which is stressing me out (the irony in that omg)..

im not that close with my parents so its rlly awks and im not that comfortable talking to them about it. I dont rlly want to be a nuisance to my friends and make them worry about my thoughts so I dont rlly want to tell them or talk to them about it.

I was deciding to go talk to my school councillor on Monday so I guess thats a plan!!

Re: feeling shit :(

yes I am safe rite now thank you for asking! naw thanks for making me feel better but yes ill try bringing back my self confidence and checking out that service. thank you for wasting a minute or two typing that up xx

Re: feeling shit :(

naw thank you for that it means a lot!!

I feel better knowing im not the only one going through this and im not weird or abnormal for feeling this way? Nono ur advice helps and thank you for sending ur time typing that up it means a lot I promise.

Re: feeling shit :(

Hey @ruthxxx Smiley Happy


Wow, the past few days sound very stressful! And I can definitely see the irony in what you're saying about your hair. I'm sorry to hear that all of this is going on for you right now, but I'm glad to hear you have a plan to see your school counsellor on Monday. I'm wondering how you're feeling about that?

Re: feeling shit :(

im a bit nervous cause ive been telling myself for months now to see the counsellor and I keep avoiding it but ive realised that im at such. bad place atm and I rlly need to go see one so im planning too tomoz but im super nervous talking about my feelings to someone I dont know?