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going away tw

so i was invited in january to go away with one of my close friends and their family for 10 days. we are going 5 hours out of where i live and we are also attending my friends mum’s boyfriends brothers wedding. gosh that’s sounds complicated haha. i have today to make the decision if i want to go. im so stressed and anxious. it sounds like heaps of fun but there is so many pros and cons. what if I start feeling low and wanting to take my life ? what if it’s really awkward with her family ? it’s for 10 days !! i want to leave my family and go have fun with a friend that would be great. but i feel home sick about it but not like i miss my family. the idea of being so far away from my professionals, no hospital near by, what if i need to contact my khl counsellor but there is no time or privacy to talk to her. it’s like im leaving everything that makes me reasonably feel “safe”. i know ill have a wonderful time hanging with my friend, taking really nice photos and having a million laughs. but what if i start feeling uncomfortable. i can’t leave on like day 5. like there’s already so many problems that i have to deal with no matter what being there. im just so lost on what to do. im so anxious and stressed im having a break out Smiley Sad i want to go away it’ll be so fun but it’s for 10 days. like i could try and end my life and let’s hope that doesn’t happen. it’s also a beach holiday so my scars will be an issue... ergh i just don’t know what to do !!


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Re: going away tw

Hey @litgym,

Definitely a tricky situation! It sounds like you've already put a fair bit of thought into the pros and cons which is great Smiley Happy

Does your friend know much about what's happening for you right now? Maybe you could talk to them and work out some ways to help you cope?

Also wondering if you already have a safety plan written up? I can't quite remember (having a brain fart haha)

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Re: going away tw

@lokifish my friend has no idea about what’s going on. she can tell im going through a tough time but she gets really awkward when it comes to mental health


ohhh i have multiple safety plans ! i don’t really follow them. sometimes i unintentionally follow them. it’s just like 10 days !! im so lost and confused. this is an 1 in a lifetime choice and i know ill have fun or at least some of the time. but just everything that’s hapoened lately i don’t know how ill cope.

Re: going away tw

@litgym that sounds tricky, it can he so hard to talk to friends when they're not co fident or comfortable talking about mental health.

Do you know why you don't follow your safety plans?
When I was in that space I found that my safety plan had to be honest and realistic for me in those moments of hardship otherwise they wouldn't work. Is there something you can adjust with your plans?

The decision to go away sounds very tricky. Is there a decision your leaning more towards?

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Re: going away tw

@Bee i just don’t think i can be bothered. i have so many from hospitals, RO, my psychs and G. oh and my ex-youth worker. they are all roughly the same just slightly different. 


i was hoping you guys could help me out with a decision ? i have to choose today. im just so lost, anxious and stressed

Re: going away tw

@litgym sounds like there is so many to follow that its perhaps overwhelming? Maybe picking the best most accurate one might help. What do you think?

We can do that.
I'm going to pick a concern to start with and then we can work through some, so for me this one stands out the most. But its totally okay of its not your biggest concern Smiley Happy
You've mentioned you're not sure how you will cope, and unsure if theres phone reception to call KHL if you need.
Could you find out if you have phone reception?
Most service providers will have a map to look at where their towers give you reception, so if you know where you are going on the map you should be able to work it out...
Would you like to do that as step one?

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Re: going away tw

@Bee very overwhelming. im just not sure if im going to cope. part of my anxiety is not being able to make decisions by myself i have to have someone else choose. so i get overly stressed when i have to choose.


i think there’s phone reception but then again optus is pretty shit even my house is a black spot and i live in the city. more just worried if i need to contact khl i can’t due to privacy.

Re: going away tw

@litgym that makes sense. Making decisions can be very tricky at times. It's okay to find making decisions stressful

Okay, so while it sounds like there's reception, privacy is a concern. Which is fair enough. Say you needed to contact KHL while your away, would you be able to let the people with your with know that you need some privacy to make a phonecall? Maybe even saying beforehand that you might need some privacy to make a phonecall while your away and have a key phrase or word so they they know and can give you the space? What do you think of that idea?

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Re: going away tw

@Bee i could probably do that.


i think im going to go im just mainly worried if i want to leave, it’s 10 days ive never been away that long. just having to juggle everything

- my thoughts

- being on my period when it’s a beach holidaySmiley Sad

- my scars


im just concerned im not going to last

Re: going away tw

@litgym is there anyway you could leave if you wanted to?

One thing that I find helpful when I'm going away on a trip is ensure I give myself some quiet / alone time. This allows me to recharge and just take a breather. Eg this last weekend I got to a point I needed time yo just sit and be still so I took that time.
Also remembering what works for you during those times at home and either bringing those strategies or things you use.

Periods show up at the worst of times, hopefully it isn't too bad for you x

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