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Re: going crazy

thanks @DruidChild
it was pretty awful but i shouldve expected it. I barely speak to them anymore becasue of whatever theyve got going against me. i dont even know their reasons.

Crochet is good, but it can be hard to stay foccussed which then casues mistakes and having to undo it so i try to do it when i feel up for it. i want to have my aunts blanket done by xmas so i can start working on my rainbow one again.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: going crazy

It’s so hard when someone just turns against you for no reason @scared01, it’s happened to me too and it feels awful Heart

That makes sense, good luck getting it finished by then! Ooh will you tell me about your rainbow blanket? I don’t think I’ve heard you mention it before! 


Re: going crazy

hey @DruidChild
it is very awful. indeed.
My rainbow blanket is more of the pastels type colours. each colour is separated by rows of white. so for example itll be purple, white, pink, white, and so on. i may be able to share it here for you or just parts of the colouring. ill have a look and see if i can find one thats not identifying
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: going crazy

How are you doing today @scared01? I hope you haven't been in too much pain (physical or emotional!) Heart

Gosh that blanket sounds absolutely gorgeous!!! Are you crocheting it as one big blanket or as squares? 

Re: going crazy

Hey @drudichild
its been a rather productive day. i had my sisblings off school today and despite having to growl once or twice it was a good day. mostly watching movies and playing some card games with them as well as lunch, fruit platter and a going to the shops so that i could get some storage boxes.
ive managed to get the hallway, walkway and half of the lounge room cleaned up from top to bottom as well as going back over the kitchen and dining room. ive still got my room, pops room, the back an front yard and the rest of the lounge room but im slowly getting there.

thanks, it is a very pretty blanket. its my first blanket that i ever started but havent been able to finish it yet. wont be long though once i finish my aunts blanket. prob only a week or 2 after that ones finished.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: going crazy

Whoa @scared01 those are amazing accomplishments!! You're a superhero Smiley Very Happy Your siblings and pop are very lucky to have you. Remind me - are you and your pop moving? Or are you just doing a spring clean? 

That's cool - I find it really helps to have small goals, like finishing a project, so maybe it will help you too! 

Do you have any plans/time to do some self care this evening? Heart

Re: going crazy

lol thanks @DruidChild but im not a superhero. Heart

nah just a spring clean. its beena while since this house has had a good cleanup. before my nan passed she hoarded abit so its pretty clutterred, then there was 6 of us living in the one small house, and then when they moved out it was storage so im quite sick of it so im going through and getting rid of rubbish, half empty bottles of things and anything thats broken or uneeded/unwanted and either throwing away, or donating.

im just watching world of dance atm which is pretty good. i not long finished dinner so im feeling full and unmotivated to move lol. i may try and finish the lounge room tonight as tomorrow i need to do voting and my horses and that side of work, and sunday im volunterring for a bit and then im waiting on chrisco so ive got a bit of a busy weekend

hows your evening looking?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: going crazy

You are to me @scared01 Smiley Very Happy

That sounds good, I'm sure it will feel really nice once everything's clean. 


Dance shows are fun! Smiley Happy That sounds like a busy weekend coming up, I hope everything goes smoothly. Where are you volunteering at the moment? 


I just finished cooking dinner so probably just washing up, and then maybe listening to a podcast or something like that. 

Re: going crazy

aww thanks @DruidChild
and yes once the house is the way i want it to i think ill like being here abit more cause atm i really hate being here plus itll be easier to manage and clean.

im volunterring with a few different things but on sunday im working in the canteen for an hr then back home.

ive decided not to clean anymore tonight but ill keep looking into nursing care which is proving to be very difficult unless i have over 100 p/h so its rather stressful.

sounds like a nice evening for you too DC Heart
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: going crazy

@scared01 you inspired me to do some housecleaning today! I did lots of sweeping and mopping and dusting, thank you for the inspiration! Smiley Very Happy


How are you going today? I always admire your compassion, it shows a lot of care for others that you make the time to volunteer when things are so hard for you, too. 


Finding nursing care sounds super stressful, it is really expensive as well. Is there anyone who could help you with finding the right place, a social worker or a family member?