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group works

I'm an international student here in australia. Idk if it's alright for me to post here. idk if I'm in the correct subtopic. idk if im fine or im not fine. idk if i can continue this way. 


I'm in a group of 5 for presentation, (Me, A, B, C, D). Since the start, i keep fixing other member's mistake. They are all international students too, from china (i believe, or hongkong or taiwan) while I'm from southeast asia.


They often speaks in chinese and i dont understand. They don't read the 'CSIRO referencing guide' and write down reference in idk what format. I tell them to read but they just dont read and i keep fixing everything. Only 1 person who actually did it right, it's A and A is the group leader.


We also got plagarism warning because either B or C plagarized. 


D doesn't seem to understand the topic so I'v been trying to explain, but it seems like what I'm sayinf never got through because of language barrier. 


the presentation is this friday, and I'm just so... stressed. I've been sleeping 3am and waking up 6am recently. practising the tongue twisting scientific words to make sure i dont drag the group down. I skipped other classes to practice and try talking faster.


time limit for presentation is 10 minutes. and each of us has 2 to 3 slides. But they aren't used with english language and gets nervous (last semester expirience. yes i group with some of them 2 semester in a row) and talks slow. 


right now idk what to do. i feel so heavy, as if I'm carrying burden of 5 person. i feel like i cant mess up. i need to do it perfectly. if i do something wrong, it'll drag the whole group down. if i talk to long, the last person may not have time. i need to do it perfectly i need to do it perfectly i... idk.. im tired. 

its a group work but im carrying so much burden, i thoughtthe burden should be split up-

but why I'm alone? im tired and idk where to share my burden. idk anyone who is willing to help me carry my burden



Re: group works

hey @guessesed, welcome to RO!

Thank you so much for sharing - I'm so sorry to hear how hards things are for you.


I've been in a fairly similar case, where some of the members had not bothered to participate, but my lecturer was able to resolve this. Have you tried speaking to your lecture/co-ordinator?

I think they would be super useful in this situation.




Re: group works

Hi @guessesed, sorry to hear that the group work is just causing so much stress! 


I agree with @honky about talking to a lecturer or a tutor about the situation. I remember with one group assignment, I had to complete an evaluation form about the contribution of my group members for a group project. So maybe your class might have something like this at the end.


Another suggestion is to maybe schedule a time with your group to do a practice run of the presentation. Then, when you do a rehearsal you can see how long the presentation would actually take and make amendments if you need to shorten it. I know this suggestion is probably wishful thinking. So if you do not get a chance to meet up with your group, then you could focus on timing yourself to make sure your part of the presentation is within the time limit. 


Good luck for Friday! Let us know how you go Smiley Happy


Re: group works

Hey there @guessesed


I think that @ryvb3 and @honky gave really great advice. Just wanted to pass on my best wishes for Friday. We believe in you!