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Re: happy but sad

Hey @Talitha93 I actually think it's super cool of you that you've been able to tell your mum that there is something troubling going on in your life for you right. Even though you don't feel like you can talk to her about it right now, it can be nice to know that someone else knows how you're feeling and that if you do actually feel like talking about it in depth, then you have someone to talk to.


Talking to anyone about our health can be tough, but parents can be especially hard because our parents tend to have specific expectations of us and often expect us to do things 'their way'. I know you said your mother would like you to keep the way you are feeling 'to yourself' when it comes to your family, but I think it's important to remember this is about your health and your feelings. If you do feel like talking to other family members about anything then you are totally in your right to. If your mother is concerned about it then it may help to explain to her that this is something you are doing to help deal with the way you're feeling right now.


I also wanted to say that you should definitely not feel like you are looking bad in front of  your family! A huge part of being a family is being supportive to one another and that is something that your cousin is not doing. Your cousin is the one being silly about what has happened, you have done nothing wrong.

Re: happy but sad

Hey @KitKat

Thankyou for your message.
I just have so much happening i dont know what to think or how to feel, I am happy that i told my mum whats going on an im fine to wait and see how things are before we sit down and have a chat again.

But in regards to my cousin im so angry and upset about that i messaged her today an still no reply. It really does make me look bad if she has told her mum and husband that apparently ive lied about what has been happening to me. What are they going to think of me. I CANT even go and see my aunty because my cousin wont accept me in the house.
My own mum messaged her to talk to her and tell her thats its all true an i spoke to her. But in the message she said
"Talitha stop this crap you only making it worse" an yet it wasnt even me..

Re: happy but sad

Hey @Talitha93 


I know this may seem a hard thing to do but what about just leaving things alone for a while, with your cousin, and just focusing on getting better.

Sometimes, no matter how much we might want to fix things, we just can't. Not right away. It sounds like your cousin has made a decision and won't be moved from it. So instead of spending valuable energy worrying about it maybe you could put that energy into getting better.

I'm sure your cousin will come around and see she has misjudged you but you might have to wait a bit for it. Until then, what about making your health your priority?


Re: happy but sad

I agree with @NigioC that sometimes giving some time to cool off is a good idea and use that time to help yourself get healthy again 😌