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Re: having the sensation that everything is far away and in slow motion

Hey @Musta100 

Thanks for sharing this, it's always comforting to read that we're not alone and that someone is going through the same thing we are. And it must be nice to be able to share this with your brother and have him understand. Thanks for jumping in and letting others feel less alone Heart

Re: having the sensation that everything is far away and in slow motion

This is the maddest thing thats ever happened to me.


Youve literally just described the scariest years of my life as a little kid 🤯. I had the exact same dreams, even the clock!! It used to feel like it was about to hit me in the face and then ping back to miles away, insanely fast.


The only thing i could ever figure out at that age, is that the tv would stop it happening. It would only happen if my eyes were looking at a still surface and if i moved my eyes quickly to different areas i could kind of stop it happening, i think thats why it happened whilst i was sleeping. I must have woke from my dream and the backs of my eye lids/darkness acted as a still surface which would then mean id be too scared to goto sleep. And my parents would think i just wanted to watch the tv.


I have only stumbled across this thread because i think the exact same thing is happening with my nearly 4 year old son. It also happened to my mum too, so it is probably alot more common than we think but noone talks about it as theyve probably forgotten it, never experienced it or they literally couldnt tell anyone, as, they dont have the vocabulary to do so at such a young age. My lad shivers because he wakes up that scared and can only describe it as 'having a bad dream', so ive started to put the tv on for him when it happens and he is literally smiling watching anything thats on. Which suggests to me that he is happy the night terrors are over and he isnt scared anymore.


But yeah, still crazy haha

Re: having the sensation that everything is far away and in slow motion

Hey @Booootlarr,


Nightmares and night terrors can be quite scary especially at such a young age.  It sounds like you went through quite the ordeal.  It's great that you have found a way that soothes your son as you can understand what he is going through.  Maybe when he is older and able to articulate what he dreamt about; you'll be able to discuss the dreams he had.