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Hey Everyone I'm new here.

1. I'm having a really hard time. My family move a lot and we have just relocated. I'm at a new school. All I can think about in classes is that I wish I was at my old school with all my old friends. I miss them a lot. My bestfriend is the only person I truly trust and who I spent lots of my time with and now I cant see them everyday. I refuse to go to school because it only makes me upset. I cant concentrate in classes and I don't think my family gets it at all. I feel so low and so sad all of the time and I'm really hurting.


2. My ex boyfriend and I broke a while ago now but I'm still so in love with him. Sometimes he treated me badly and sometimes I felt like was the only girl in the world. He still wants me and tells me he still loves me but I feel like he only says this stuff when he is alone or bored eg. when he is with his mates he ignores me or he tells me he loves me but gets with a girl the next day? its all so confusing but I love him and I don't know what to do. plus we live in different cities now so its even harder!!

 please help


Re: hi

Hey @Anonymus-1287

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy we're really glad you've found us, and have taken the step to ask for support. 

It sounds like you're going through a really tough time at school at the moment. School can be difficult for a lot of people, but moving to a new school can be an especially stressful time. It's totally understandable that you're missing your old friends, especially your best friend! It helps in times like these to remember that you once didn't know your old friends either, but you eventually came to be really close with one another. While it might take some time, I am positive you'll get to know the new people at your school eventually Smiley Happy It might also help to check out this article ReachOut wrote about moving schools here 


I can also hear that you're having a rough time with your ex boyfriend at the moment as well. While I don't know your ex-boyfriend, or your situation personally, I really want to encourage you to trust your gut. If you think that he's only talking to you when it suits him, and not thinking about you or how his actions have affected you in the past, then it might be a good idea to listen to your intuition, and maybe distance yourself from them for a bit to give yourself some time to heal and think about things. 

Hope this helps!




Re: hi

Hi @Anonymus-1287! Welcome to the forums!

Moving can be really stressful and hard, especially when you can't stay in touch with your old friends. Smiley Sad Are you able to keep in contact with your old friends via social media, mail, or phone? Joining extracurricular activities or clubs at your new school can also be a way of making new friends. Maybe your teachers can help with introducing you to people who share similar interests to you too.

I can't tell you what to do about your relationship. It can be really tough when you're getting mixed signals from a person you're dating or from an ex. I think @Andrea-RO's advice is really good though. In my experience, these types of issues tend to be temporary and have a way of working out eventually. The move could end up giving you a newfound perspective about your relationship and help you decide whether to pursue your ex or not.