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Re: how do i deal with my sadness

hi everybody, i have got back from camp. i am feeling the same maybe even worse, yesterday i had to call kids helpline and i felt so usless. i do not know what it is like for other peole but it sorta helped. i then wrote down everything i was feeling and i gave it to my mum because i can not really speak face to face without feeling weird about it and i dont wanna make her upset. i just wanted to thank everybody for there suggestions and asking me how camp went. it went ok but i feel like i was not in the right state of mind to go. Today i went to see a lady i do not know what you call them,  but they work for camhs. she helped me through some things but she said she wanted to cut the session short. i cant tell my bestfriend any of this becase she just does not get it. i feel like there is a weight inside me that i just cant let go and it is so hard to move sometimes. 

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

Hey @nala23 welcome back from camp Smiley Happy

Sounds like you've been working at feeling better, but there's still the heavy feeling inside huh?

Will you continue to look for a good counsellor / mental health service?


Is there anywhere awesome around your area such as a youth centre with free resources?

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

i think the lady i saw yesterday will turn out good but i do  not like talking to people about my feelings because i start crying and i hate people seeing me cry. im pretty sure that C.A.M.H.S is free.  

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

Hey @nala23 welcome back from camp and well done for calling kids helpline. Talking on the phone can be quite daunting, and I'm really glad you took that step.


How are you feeling at the moment?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

Ohhh @nala23 I totally know what you mean - I struggled a lot with psychologists and stuff because i would go straight up nonverbal when talking about my emotions and whats bothering me. Keep trying - I promise it will get easier. Emotional intelligence, like any skill, has to be learned, so you gotta start somewhere. 


I 100% love this nifty lil chart. When I need help, I just highlight the things I'm feeling and show someone. This is also good for finding the right words for your feelings




Another thing I think would help is normalising talking about your emotions. It doesn't have to be in depth, serious stuff that you might only talk with your close friends and family about. Just stuff like, "oh, I'm really happy today because I saw a dog" (this is me every time I see a dog) or "I'm a bit down because I broke my necklace". You'll get more used to opening up about the big stuff and what not.


I'm glad your getting help angel Heart

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

hi, omg thank you so much for this little chart will defiently be printing off 100 of these. i think that they will make things so much eaiser for me and btw i will am defiently the same as you and just go nonverbale and thats why the lady cut the session short oops... do you have any other tips you seem like you know alot about this.

Re: how do i deal with my sadness

hmm. Brainstorming ways that work for YOU to communicate is best, and keeping the people around you in the loop is good too ^^ like telling people how to help you when youre sad. My family know that I prefer not to talk about it, and i will just come up and chat about something random if i need a distraction. Finding ways to cope by yourself also helps a lot too - I found mindfulness to REALLY helps, I do art stuff, I go for walks, I play animal crossing (world's best game in my opinion). It's just about trying out different things and seeing whats best for you n__n


For instance, a lot of people suggested cleaning to me, but because i get sad at night a lot, cleaning just started me on an obsessive rampage and i wouldnt sleep. Meditating, reading, and drawing, helps me be distracted and unwind, which is more suited to what I need. Give things a go and dont be afraid to do research and take advice from people !