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Re: how do you......?

Hi @scared01! Being a carer can really disrupt your sleep. My sister suddenly became bedbound and has been totally dependent on other people (mostly us) for months. She tends to wake up every few hours for medication and groans in pain throughout the night. We have also had to take her to the bathroom because she can't stand unassisted or walk. This makes a lot of noise as well. She would also tend to fall out of the bed, so we would have to get up to put her back in. Now that she's in the hospital, I am finally starting to sleep better (unless my grandmother, who I am also caring for, falls or does something unsafe). I know this situation is different to yours but I can totally relate to having trouble sleeping as a carer.

When she was staying at home, there was honestly not much we were able to do to lessen the impact on our sleep. One of the things that helped was taking measures to ensure her safety so that we wouldn't have to constantly tend to her. An occupational therapist helped us get a hospital bed with rails that she couldn't fall out of through EnableNSW. You can access a list of the things that they can provide so it might be worth asking a healthcare professional if your caree is eligible to receive any aids or if there is a similar service in your area. We are also thinking of getting a personal alarm for my grandmother. That way, instead of having to monitor her all the time, she can press a button in case she falls or needs help. I think I would sleep even better knowing that I won't have to worry about her. There are also trackers you can get in case your caree wanders. Would this kind of system work for you and your caree?

If you can't control the sleep disruptions arising from your situation, you could try to focus on things you can control instead. You could follow the tips in this article, for example. There are also lots of articles online which can provide tips for self-care that are specific to carers if you search for them.

I hope you can get a restful night's sleep and some respite when he goes away for a few days. Caring is hard work and carers need breaks too. You sound like you're doing an amazing job Heart