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Re: how i am feeling today

I am glad your headache is gone @xXLexi_Lou122Xx !


I am feeling a but headachey today as well because I'm sick, but luckily I have today off so I'm feeling relaxed and soon to be rested 


Re: how i am feeling today

That's good that you have a day off.
School was just terrible. A boy riled me up so much. And he was bullying another girl. Just because she's different. I mean, we're all different. Right?

AND, I am sick to the death of being called a nincompoop! Apparently, I can't spell it. Does that give this boy the right to call me one? I mean, I'm pretty sure I can spell that, and I know this, because I won the spelling bee! Again! I just want this to stop.

I guess I'm feeling angry about some issues at school, if you haven't gotten the hint from this angry rant.....

I'm just going to calm myself down now... Music and YouTube, HERE I COME!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: how i am feeling today

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , I'm sorry you had a terrible day at school today Smiley Sad

You have spelt that word right but even if you hadn't, that boy nor anyone at all ever has the right to call you one! You should never have to deal with that from anyone. Sometimes bullies bully others because it makes them feel better about themselves either through giving themself more attention or simply because calling others names makes themselves feel better. So you should know that just because he calls you names does not mean they are true at all! From what I have seen on this forum and I'm sure many others as well, you are such a smart, funny, compassionate and empathetic person. So try not to believe anything he says to you!

Has this been an ongoing thing? I hope your day gets better from this you can try to enjoy your night! Lots of love xxx

Re: how i am feeling today

Feel a bit anxious today I don’t know why it just seems to come around about 3/4 PM after being fine all day 

so fucking stupid and annoying

Re: how i am feeling today

Aww... Tysm @Puppies026!
It was ongoing from 2 weeks ago, when I won the spelling bee. He hasn't done anything more just yet, which I'm happy about.

I feel you @Tiny_leaf. I've been like that today as well. But I'm getting there.

Re: how i am feeling today

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx did you mean @Saltwaterdreamtime?

We have the same tiger picture, it's probably not hard to mix us up. 


And he'd probably jealous or something.. it's good that he hasn't done anything more though. 

Re: how i am feeling today

Right now I am feeling relieved that work is over and I can finally do stuff I want to do.

Re: how i am feeling today

Oops... Yeah, I meant @Saltwaterdreamtime.

I'm feeling very tired, and these flashbacks are hurting me intrusively. I'm physically in pain. Shaking is hard to stop doing when I have these flashbacks. But I'll be okay. Just watching Bondi Rescue.

Re: how i am feeling today

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx have you tried a breathing exercise? 


Also I love that show..! What's happening in the episode you're watching? 

Re: how i am feeling today

Thats good @mspaceK. How are you now?