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how i am feeling today

hello! what are you waiting for! come and express your feelings on how was your day


let me start with myselfSmiley Happy

i am confused on how to figure out my assignment which is due on Monday next weekSmiley Frustrated

Re: how i am feeling today

Hello @peacock . I like this thread. Smiley Happy thanks for sharing. OooOoo assignment confusion! Welp - have you got anyone to talk to to ask questions with your assignment to help you figure it out? I find re-reading the question and dot pointing what the question is asking can help map out what the heck you're supposed to do! Is it a uni assignment?


I started off the day feeling down, annoyed and frustrated. Now i'm kinda in this tired peace frame of mind. Just chillling playing games and talking to people. Smiley Happy 

Re: how i am feeling today

Thank you @mspaceK  for your advice and yes it is a uni assignment.Smiley Happy


Hope you are feeling better due  to your bad morning.  Hope the other half of the day goes good for you! Cheers!

Re: how i am feeling today

Great Idea for a thread @peacock!
But there is another one already...
Oh well!

I started this morning feeling a crappy mistake, and afraid to go to school, due to bullying. But now, I feel very social!

Re: how i am feeling today

I feel...
A little unwell, but I'm ok. Just about to take a shower.

Re: how i am feeling today

I hope your shower has made you feel better @xXLexi_Lou122Xx ! 


For some reason I always find taking a shower helps me to get into a new mind frame.


This morning I was feeling frustrated because I had to spend a sunny day writing an essay I really didn't want to but now I feel satisfied because I got some of it done Smiley Happy

Re: how i am feeling today

It really did help @Tasi.

I hate it when it's a beautiful sunny day, and you have to do something indoors!

Re: how i am feeling today

Yeah me too @xXLexi_Lou122Xx ,


In good news today I am feeling pretty happy because I played netball which I really enjoy

Re: how i am feeling today

Today I have school, but I don't wanna go...
I feel unsafe there. Especially with a bully there.......

Re: how i am feeling today

Basically, I'm afraid.