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i am getting bad again

So i have a huge huge problem i have anixety it gets so bad that i cant leave even leave my house. Its getting so bad again i just need a reason like when i have uni i have no choice you. Someone give me some tips please i dont want to be like this ahh

Re: i am getting bad again

Hi @trynottobeadick,


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your anxiety increasing.

Are you currently on a break from uni, and starting back next semester?


I understand what you mean - it's easier to get into a habit of going out to school/uni because it's a routine thing. 

I have a couple of suggestions, so let me know if you think they may/may not work:

- Try to organise something with a friend/acquaintence/group on

- Find somewhere to volunteer your time (could be an animal shelter, somewhere that does something you're passionate about, a parent's workplace...)

- Set yourself a daily challenge/reward eg. go to the park and walk around it once then go home. If you do this, it's a good idea to share your plan with someone so that it's less tempting to cheat yourself and not go.



Re: i am getting bad again

Hiya @trynottobeadick, welcome to ReachOut. I did a laugh-snort when I saw your username by the way, amazing!


I'm sorry to hear that your anxiety is playing up. You said "again" so does that mean this has happened before? Were you able to find something that helped last time?


We have lots and lots and lots of info on anxiety here that you can read through here. Some of it you probably already know, some of it might be new, but there is some good stuff about treatment in there especially on the second page. Do you have a counsellor you can speak to? Most universities will have one on campus, otherwise you could see a GP and ask for a referral. If you're more of a "self help" person, there is the eCouch website and some awesome apps in The Toolbox to try. I really like WorryTime for managing anxiety. It's a simple concept but an effective one! Give it a crack and let us know if you find one you like.

Re: i am getting bad again

Hi @trynottobeadick (cheeky name!), it sounds as though the anxiety you're feeling is getting pretty overwhelming? @Bay52VU and @ElleBelle offered some great advice, and ElleBelle's link to the information about anxiety is really worth checking out. 


Has anything changed recently to make you feel more anxious? What have you used to cope in the past?



Re: i am getting bad again

Took me a while to read your name @trynottobeadickbut I can be a bit behind on those kind of things haha!


What are some things you personally enjoy or have an interest in? I'm only asking because you have noted that when you have uni you have no choice so you go? Is that right? 

Re: i am getting bad again

Hey @trynottobeadick how are you doing? Have you found any of the suggestions useful?