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i am just so frustrated

hey everybody

so I'm back at school and I feel like I'm spiralling. I've been still adjusting to the idea that this is my last term at my current school, and have been away 2 days already to sort out some things with my new school (still really excited). 

I have begun to tell people that I am leaving, including my two best friends Jim and Josh (@Jess1-RO @Jay-RO you know who I am talking about.) - I am being anonymous (not their real names). 

My friends and others who I have told have had similar reactions "I'm happy for you, but I'm sad that you're leaving." and the occasional "I hate you (they don't mean it). You're leaving me!". 


Jim's reaction was a little saddening. I explained the situation and told him that I went for an interview during the holidays, that they offered me a position and that I accepted. I told him that this term was my last. He looked down and refused to look at me for about 10 seconds, with what looked like tears in his eyes, but then we hugged it out and it was ok. 


Now there was another hill that I had to pass - talking to my ex (before Jim). We will call him Brent. Brent and i were in a "relationship" for somewhat 9 months when I was about to turn 11. He was too full-on for being an 11 year old, and I became friends with Jim because he was a distraction for all that that was going on with Brent. It was too much, and Jim's friendship was more my speed. I actually had no intention of dating Jim. It sort of just happened. 


So I walked up to Brent and asked if I could talk to him, where his friends all started laughing. I was just thinking "ok, this is normal - you expected this reaction." So I explained to him that it was my last term, and I apologised for everything that happened (even though it was 3 years ago and we were barely out of the womb). He kept trying to essentially shut me down with "don't worry it's fine. It was year's ago. I'm over it" and saying it again and again and again. I reckon he would have had a better reaction if he was alone, rather than with all his friends egging him on. I said goodbye and I left. I have no intention of speaking to him again. 

But then...

One of his friends FOLLOWS me to the library when I went with my two friends and said "I don't know what you said to Brent, but he looks like he's about to cry right now. You're gonna need to call him to sort some shit out" He was lying the whole time, and was just attempting to get a rise out of me.  I saw brent not even 45 minutes later and he was laughing with his friends. He probably was just relieved to see the back end of me. And frankly, so am I. 


I had no problem with the conversation. I'm just thinking that it's so fucking unfair that I have to put up with people trying to get a rise out of me all the time. It's happened for years and I just never got over it. I don't get why I have to scared to walk in certain places in fear that someone will try and talk to me. It's hell. 


Exams are a pain in the rear end, and my anxieties about them and the events surrounding are making my brain feel like it's in a compressor.


My cohort is a large pain. We got our butts handed to us by the Head Principal, and now we have to carry around this stupid piece of paper which we must recite from if we are beign troublesome in class. In my opinion. It's just a waste of paper, and all the teachers are getting out of it are a large amount of jokes and parody versions going around, known as the 5 commandments. I'm a generally good kid, and so are the minority of my cohort, so it's kind of stupid to make us carry around a stupid piece of paper that should "dominate our behaviour on campus." What a load. 


Has anyone got any tips for calming down exam stress and/or just stress in general?

Sorry this was so long. I'm a bit frustrated tonight. 



Re: i am just so frustrated

Hey @blobby.
I hear you. I feel this way a lot, too. i can't really help with the exam stress part, but I'm pretty sure there is a few articles about it. If you want to have a look?

Here for you. Smiley Happy hugs.

Re: i am just so frustrated

Hi @blobby, that sounds like a lot to deal with. Is there anyone else that you have been able to chat to this about? What is it that made you change schools, if you don't mind me asking? It seems like there are a lot of things that you dislike about your current school. Do you feel that a lot of things will be resolved by moving schools? Correct me if I am wrong but it seems like exams might be the most important thing for you out of everything? It seems to raise the most concern for you and it can be very worrying and scary to have exams on the horizon! Here are some articles about exam stress and action plans. Always here to chat Heart


Re: i am just so frustrated

Thank you @Taylor-RO for that.
I am moving schools for better opportunities such as my education, making proper friends, and more. I believe that my new school has plenty of that to offer!
I also am playing Rizzo in my school’s production of grease, so there’s that to think about as well. Thanks for the help!
love and hugs,

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Re: i am just so frustrated

@blobby these all sound like positive things! 

When are you moving schools? 


Omg Rizzo in grease is the BEST charector!! How fun! Are you enjoying being a part of a production? 


Hope this week is off to a good start for you Heart


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here