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i cant stop SH (Trigger Warning)

So i dont even know where to start....


ive gone through so much and it all started when i was 7.... i was sexually harassed 9 times and kept it from my mum until i almost got pregnant, i still cant cope knowing i let that happen to myself...


i wont tell you everything but i just came out of a very WRONG relationship and i feel he just used me for my body, he took pictures and videos of him doing things and someone at my school contacted him and asked for my nudes, but he got so much more, so he decided to show people from year 8-10 these pictures and videos....


i gave my mum depression because of how much we fought, but shes better now..


so much more has happened and i cant wrap my head around why all of it has happened to me, everything was fine until year 2, mum said i was an angel.


ive been SHing on and off and started in year 5 until year 6 without my mum even knowing but when she found out she put me in councilling... i stopped and have been back at it for around 3 weeks now and my mum doesn't know.. but some people at my school do and hate me for it..others are trying to help but dont.. and others are calling me an attention seeker. 


please help 

Smiley Sad


Re: i cant stop SH

Hey @Star23,


I've just edited the message a little bit with a trigger warning for other people just in case they're not ready to see something like this yet. I hope that's ok!


It definitely sounds like there's a lot going on right now! If it's alright, we might just take it bit by bit.

You said your mum put you in counselling? What did you feel like you got out of it? Are you still going currently (sorry if I missed it, just wanted to clarify)?


Hope we can help!

Re: i cant stop SH

Hi @Star23 how are you going? I just wanted to check in on your safety.. Are you safe right now? Concerned about the SH Smiley Sad Sounds like a really tough time.. Once I hear from you, there's a few resources I will link you into which may help Smiley Happy 

Re: i cant stop SH

Hey @Star23. just checking in again, if you want to talk, we're here to listen Smiley Happy

Re: i cant stop SH (Trigger Warning)

hey @Star23
Thanks for reaching out, it sounds like you've been through a really rough time. I hope you don't blame yourself for your mums depression. and I hope you have a really cool counsellor who is helping you through therapy. I myself found therapy very helpful when I was a teenager and self harming and although I went back to it in hard times I eventually found better ways to cope when I was feeling overwhelmed and blaming myself for things. If your feeling like doing it again jump on here first and I can tell you a few strategies off my list if you like? Reachout also has links to helplines if it would be better for you to chat to someone on the phone to help. Sometimes having someone to chat to at the time your overwhelmed is helpful too. Be kind to yourself ✌🏼

Re: i cant stop SH (Trigger Warning)

Hey @Star23, and thanks for sharing those parts of your story with us. We're all here for you and willing to talk/listen/read whenever you'd like/need some support Smiley Happy

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