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i dont know if i should keep going

my life is horrible i have ADD , RA , and many more to go i just dont know anymore my head is always spinning , my bones always hurt my emotions are off the wall and is driving me crazy i just dont anymore somebody please help me please i have no one........


Re: i dont know if i should keep going

Hey @the_misundersto, welcome to RO. Thanks for coming and saying hi today. I am so sorry that you have been feeling this way -- RA and ADD can be so frustrating and I can only imagine what you're feeling. It sounds like it all a bit overwhelming, but know we are here to support you, and that you are not alone.


First I just wanted to say as well that you sound like a strong, reslient person. That is a lot to deal with for anyone, and it takes guts to reach out for support, so good on you for doing so and for fighting against what you're experiencing. Do you currently have a psychologist or therapist that you see or have seen? Or if that is something you haven't tried before, would you consider going to the doctor to chat about how you're feeling? A health professional may be able to help you manage some of the things you're feeling, perhaps especially with ADD, or at least offer you some ongoing support to build on your strength. Is that something you would consider?


Please, please keep on going. You can do it, don't give up. Is there anything you can do that soothes your emotions and your stress? Like listening to nice music or chatting to a friend on the phone?


Also I want to know that we are here for you -- and also if you ever need someone to talk to if it is all feeling too much, the good people at Lifeline are always available for a chat and some free support. You can ring them on 13 11 14 or if you prefer online you can chat to them here. Please do contact them, and if you're ever feeling really crap and feel like your life is at risk, don't hesitate to cause emergency services.



Re: i dont know if i should keep going

Hey @the_misundersto -- how are you doing? Please let us know that you're alright, just want to make sure you're holding up okay. Here for you if you need to chat.

Re: i dont know if i should keep going

Hey @the_misundersto, thanks for sharing with us. It sounds like you have been dealing with a lot of difficulties for awhile. This can be really isolating and lonely when we feel we have to manage on our own. There are places and strategies that can help, though, and I am wondering if you have used any of these before to cope. Are there any methods that have worked for you previously?

Re: i dont know if i should keep going

Hey @the_misundersto how are you doing? Have you found anything on the website or forums to be of use to you?
Do you have a doctor or GP, someone that you can talk to medically/mentally?

Things can become so overwhelming at times it feels like it's all too much but taking deep breaths and talking it out is such a great help for you to at least gather yourself. I hope you are doing well.