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i feel like a zombie...

Uh hi there


ive been having sleeping troubles for a while now... Well, sleeping isn't the problem, its the awake part, ive felt tired for as long as I can remember (a few years now and longer im sure) and its really beginning to be a problem. I can't focus on anything, even writing this its hard to remember what IM doing. ive gone to people about it before and nothing helped, ive tried relaxation techniques, therapy and talk about stuff that was on my mind, I even tried medication. Nothing works, I have tried sleeping longer/shorter but it didn't seem to matter just how much sleep I got, I was always tired, I still am very tired.

Until now ive just had to put up with it but when I started passing out randomly throughout the day, I knew something needed to change, my schooling is suffering and IM behind in all my classes, I lost my job and I can't get another one because I look like a zombie everyday (feel like one too) and now there's another baby coming into the house soon it just going to get worse. And don't get me started on the headache that comes with it!


IM willing to do just about anything to help so any advice is welcome!


 - transparent_fox



Re: i feel like a zombie...

Hi Transparent_fox,


Welcome to reach out. It sounds like what you are going through is really tough. Sleep has such an important function for us to operate on a day to day basis. From what you have described the lack of sleep is really impacting on your daily life. I know that when I don't get enough sleep I struggle to function 100%. It is great that you have been proactive in trying things to improve your sleeping habits, ultimately decrease your tiredness and improve your functioning.  

It must be frustrating that nothing you have tried has been effective.


I am not sure if you have looked at any of the fact sheets we have on reach out. If you click on the link below there is some information and other links that may be useful for you to look at.


Have you been to a medical professional about this? Like your GP? They might be able to further explore what is going on.


Fingers crossed you might get some sleep tonight.




Re: i feel like a zombie...

Hey Transparent_fox,


LeaLea is right, sleep is so important. To almost everything. A lack of sleep can have a massive impact on your life, as I'm sure you're completely aware of.

There are lots of great websites dedicated to sleep tips. Have a look at the RO factsheet, among other sites, and maybe give the suggestions a go. There are also herbs available at chemists that are supposed to help relax the mind and aid sleep.

My experience has been that breathing exercises and meditation type relaxation has the best outcome but that it can also take a while for these things to work. 

Prescription medication can have immediate effects but most GPs will advise that the side effects often outweigh any good they do.


Hope this helps,


Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy


Re: i feel like a zombie...

Hey transparent_fox,


Firstly, I feel for you! Being exhausted all the time is awful, and it's even worse when you can't pinpoint a cause for it. The others have given you some good advice on relaxing and trying to get better quality sleep, which is definitely worth looking at.


I'm curious though - you said that being asleep isn't the problem, but that you're finding yourself exhausted during the day. You said you've tried medication, so I'm assuming you've spoken to your doctor about this... have you told them about the ongoing tiredness? There can be loads of physical reasons for this, and it's definitely worth getting some tests run for physical illness to rule that out. Sometimes it's possible to identify a physical reason for exhaustion (for me, anemia and b12 deficiency were playing a HUGE part in my exhaustion) and if there's something that can be treated, it can make a huge difference! Basically what I wanted to say was that I really encourage you to see your doctor and talk to them about this, and ask whether there might be an underlying cause to the tiredness.


In the meantime, focusing on trying to relax and get good quality sleep sounds like your best bet. There's also some things you can do to try and improve your energy levels, like exercising daily, eating well and avoiding too much caffeine.


Good luck!


Re: I feel like a zombie...

Thanks for the replies guys.


@LeaLea07  - yes, ive read the fact sheets, and for a time, I thought the things listed on it were beginning to work... But not for long sadly, and yes ive been to my GP many times regarding this issue but thanks anyway =)


@NigioC - herbal medicine? hmm thanks, ill give it a go. And ive tried meditation and breathing, just ended up hurting my back for some reason. And yes, I do agree that the side effects are not worth the small benefits they bring... Never again...


@gail - yes I have told them about how long this has been going on, but ive never gone for a physical exam to see if its something like that. Thanks


- Transparent_Fox


Re: I feel like a zombie...

Thanks for the reply @Transparent_fox Smiley Happy Would you consider talking to them about whether it might be something physical? If you're using all the techniques you know and it's still not improving, I'd really encourage you to go back to your doctor. If they don't have any answers, maybe try another doctor for a second opinion - no one doctor knows everything (obviously), so sometimes having a few people's ideas can be helpful, and might just be the thing that solves this problem. Being constantly exhausted is horrible - I really empathise with that. Hang in there - keep doing the meditation and breathing, and maybe see if your doctor has any other ideas. Good luck.


Re: I feel like a zombie...





The herbal remedies I've heard of are sold in chemists and tend to include herbs that have relaxing properties. Herbs like valerian and chammomile. My understanding is that they can help someone who is struggling to sleep to relax enough that they can then fall naturally asleep. 

Insomnia can be incredibly upsetting and overwhelming to struggle with. There's lots of research that shows how affecting to our lives a lack of sleep is. And it can be really frustrating to hear advice that you've tried it and it hasn't worked.

The people that I have seen overcome insomnia, seperate to those who have needed specialised treatment for sleep apnea etc, have done it by retrying suggestions over and over. A bit like exercise, one go often doesn't make a profound change. It seems to me that sleep issues often require a bit of a life change. Changes to sleep and pre-sleep habits, improving diet and exercise regimes and building relaxtion techniques into the daily routine. 

Someone receently told me that they had greatly improved their sleep issues by implementing a system where they stopped all internet use two hours before bedtime and no longer using their bed as a 'desk'. Have you tried any ideas like this?


Re: I feel like a zombie...

Uh guys, quick update.


Well I tried out some herbal medicine along with another medication and... I slept. For 4 whole days in fact!


And ill tell way, its helped so much. Now it just makes me sleep normally and I'ive been doing really well because of it. I spoke to the chemist about my sleeping issues and he said it was a side effect of another medication that IM taking and IM trying to get off it and on to a new one, but no rush, as long as this works its all good, well, I've gotta go now, just thought id tell you wants happened




Re: I feel like a zombie...

That's awesome @Transparent_foxSmiley Very Happy 


Re: I feel like a zombie...

Hey @Transparent_fox - glad to hear things are improving a bit! Keep at it, let us know how things go Smiley Happy