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i feel so lonely all the time and i don't know what to do

i've definitely read about the idea of being in a room full of people yet feeling completely alone, but i've never experienced that kind of thing to the intensity i'm starting to now. it's not like i don't have friends, it's just half the time i've convinced myself they all hate me and the other half i don't feel like i deserve the friends i have. i don't want to be a burden to other people, so i'm afraid of telling people how i feel or letting myself be visbly upset of angry, but i think i'm starting to need help from more than just a random internet forum (no offense) and i don't know how to ask for it. 


wow that was one hell of a run on sentence.


if anyone could make sense of my uncapitalised (sorry) rambling, i'd appreciate any advice or even sharing of similar experiences.


Re: i feel so lonely all the time and i don't know what to do

Hey @justanobody , welcome to the youth forum - so glad you've found us, and reached out about what you're doing through. 

Being lonely really sucks... and even more so when you're surrounded by people but struggling to connect with them - sorry to hear you're experiencing this Smiley Sad


No need to apologize for venting or asking for help -that's what we're here for! Reconsigning that you need to ask for help takes a lot of guts and self reflection- massive well done on that one. 

The next step is actually asking for it.. which i know can be really daunting. 

We have a heap of info over here that might help you to think about how you can ask for help from professionals such as GPs, psychologists, counselors, and helplines. 

If going face to face feels too hard right now, you could getting some support over the phone to start with -its free, confidential, and the phone counselors can help you to brainstorm ways to access face to face support. Few good helplines are : 

kids helpline - 1800 55 1800 

lifeline - 13 14 11 

and blueknot - 1300 657 380 


but i'll also tag a few people who also might be able to share their experience @Bee @lokifish  @lennycat2017  @queenP 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: i feel so lonely all the time and i don't know what to do

hi @justanobody and welcome

Like you i had heard of the term but didnt really understand it until i experience/d it myself. im sorry that you feek you cant tell anyone how your feeling or show your emotions, i can understand that as well.
I can hear your after some more support but not sure how to do that.
I would suggest speaking with your gp and asking for a refferal to see a psychologist, speaking to your school counsellor or if talking to someone in person is a little tricky, then perhaps talking to kidshelpline or headspace in which you can call or webchat with a qualified counsellor.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: i feel so lonely all the time and i don't know what to do

Hi @justanobody, how are you doing today? I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling lonely, I often feel this way too even when I am around people.


It's fantastic that you want to reach out, and I completely understand that it can be a tricky thing to do. Is there anyone in your life that you trust enough to discuss this with? Maybe a parent, sibling or friend? 


I often find that talking about my feelings, whether it is to my psychologist, my parents, or my friends, is a lot easier when I write down some notes before I speak to them. I normally write a few dot points in my phone so I know exactly what I want to convey to them, which helps when I'm feeling sad or distressed. Does this feel like something that could work for you?