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Re: i have not felt like this before

@MochaChino yeah i have tried music but its not helping either 

@mrmusic i am not good today i am really struggling with food issues and also just feeling like crap in general i dont know what to do anymore. 

Re: i have not felt like this before

This might not be helpful, but then again it might be. When I'm feeling rapid mood swings and everything's agitatingly awful, I go for a run.


In my case its usually really fast, I try to make myself feel tired and make my legs ache and make it feel like I've really, really run.


The whole "urgh, I just ran really fast and now my I'm super puffed and I can feel my hammys getting mad at me" seems to be a welcome distraction from "urgh my brain sucks", even if puffed out is a shitty feeling on its own. And you can push yourself like how you'd push a scream out.


Another good distraction is making memes. I made this one when I was in a terrible mood and hadn't slept for days, and even the act of making my sitch a crappy meme made me feel a tad better:

whose line small.jpg

Re: i have not felt like this before

@trashconverters thanks i cant really run at the moment cause i am too dizzy from the eating issues. i have been walking though. i do sometimes look at memes which is ok but idk. 


i am still feeling terrible i hate myself so much and ugh i cant even go into it right now. 

Re: i have not felt like this before

I love hearing what helps to distract you @trashconverters- that meme is great. 

Sometimes it's just finding something that gives you an outlet, and a bit of focus when your brain is running off with a million thoughts.


@Eden1717 it might just be ongoing trial and error about what helps to distract. For me sometimes doing something like knitting while watching TV is good (double distraction) - or even something like getting stuck into cleaning. 


Hope today is feeling bit lighter Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: i have not felt like this before

@gina-RO i have been doing trial and error my whole life and it isnt working and quite frankly i am sick of it. 

i feel horrible today and really out of control. i am trying so hard i just dont feel ok and i feel so trapped and i dont know what to do anymore and i am just i need a break i need a freaking break. i am tired and i want to scream and there is too much in my head i just cant take this. there is nothing i can do anymore there is nothing left to try i am fed up i cant take this. i am safe for now. 

Re: i have not felt like this before

Hey there @Eden1717,


I'm sorry that today has been horrible for you. It sounds frustrating to be trying different things and for them to not work. I can see from your posts on the forums how hard you are trying with your self-care and distraction strategies and even though they aren't helping you, I'm proud of you for still trying. Do you think you'd feel comfortable telling your GP about how you've been feeling? 


If you could go anywhere for a break, where would you like to go? 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: i have not felt like this before

@Jay-RO i dont know if i can tell my GP what has been going on it is hard to explain and there isnt a lot of time and i cant afford a longer appointment. plus i also have some physical health issues at the moment i am just really not ok and i cant get things to stop even for a second. i have so many things to do and i cant even do them because my head is such a mess and i just really cant take this anymore. 

if i could go anywhere it would be somewhere quiet with water i could swim in where all you can hear is the sound of the wind and trees. 

i just feel really lost and i am too scared to tell anyone what is going on because i dont know what will happen. 

Re: i have not felt like this before

Hey @Eden1717,

Ergh that sounds tough. You mentioned that you can't afford a longer appointment with your GP. I'm not sure if you're aware that some doctors bulk bill? A bulk billing doctor means you won't have to pay anything out of pocket to see them. It might be worth looking into bulk billing doctors in your area if money is an ongoing issue for you! It's just - I don't want you to refrain from seeking medical help because you're low on cash!!

I totally understand what you mean. It can be terrifying not knowing what is next or what is coming, especially when it comes to our own health, which can often stop us from seeking the help that we need. Just know that it is quite normal to be afraid in these instances and that we are here for you during this time.

Haha a quiet place with water to swim in sounds SO serene. I very much like that idea, especially if the water is warm and clear.

Do you have any plans tonight?


Re: i have not felt like this before

@TOM-RO i dont really trust most bulk billing doctors the ones i have been to have been terrible and i feel like it is kind of a you get what you pay for situation plus i have some other health issues that have been ignored for years and this doctor is finally taking them seriously so i kind of would rather see them. but at the same time money is a big issue. i just dont even know that if i told them there would be anything anyone can do. i am just so tired and fed up with everything. as for plans tonight i am literally just trying to stay alive. i am safe for now. 

Re: i have not felt like this before

@Eden1717It's good that you feel comfortable with your current doctor and that he or she is taking your other health issues seriously.

Sounds like tonight is really difficult for you. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Thank you for letting us know that you're safe for now.