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Re: i need to vent and feel no judgement right now


I have a friend who used to self harm and I think she got better because she surrounded herself with people more like her and people that made her happier. Maybe you should try that? 


I feel like these days I am getting panic attacks as well. I get scared whenever I see this group of friends who I used to be friends with last year but they betrayed me and we had a massive fight. its hard to get over things like that. I wish they could just leave me alone or never talk to me again. Instead, one of them keeps coming up to me and talking to me and I panic because I dont know what to say and its so awkward and terrible. High school is hard.

Re: i need to vent and feel no judgement right now

Hiya @lilac blue, welcome to ReachOut! Panic attacks can be pretty scary, especially if you've never had one before, but they can be managed. You can find some info about them and what to do if you think you're having one here. Is the ex-friend who keeps talking to you trying to apologise or make amends? If you're willing to forgive her, perhaps you could sit down and talk. If you're not, maybe you can politely let her know that you'd prefer to break off all communication with her for your own wellbeing.


In the meantime, why don't you introduce yourself here! We're a friendly bunch, plus there are some really good riddles on that page Smiley Happy

Re: i need to vent and feel no judgement right now

Hey! I'm not sure if I should mention my name but I'm 16 and in high school. My ex-friend is probably not trying to make amends because she seems to be making fun of me. Everytime we talk, she insults me or says something that hurts my feelings. She isn't apologising because when she talks to me it always ends up in a shrewd comment or gesture that hints towards an insecurity or flaw of mine. For example, a few days ago at school she came up to me with her friends and said "I heard you used to go to *this* school before?" this is the name of my old school. I replied and said "Yes, but that was a long time ago, and I never told anyone about that." and she said in a mocking way, "Oh really? You never told anyone? Because I know heaps of people who told me about you going to that school."

...I guess I'll have to try and ignore her. Or i think I will take your advice and tell her (politely) not to talk to me anymore or leave me alone for the time being. I just dont want to have anything to do with her.


Re: i need to vent and feel no judgement right now

We do stay anonymous here, as part of our community guidelines, so no first names. But if you click here: you can share a bit about yourself.


Sorry to hear that your ex-friend is being a bit of a jerk. Ignoring her is a good option. Or just giving her a short, cheerful response and walking away. "I heard you went to a [X] school?" "Yep, sure did!" *peaces out of there* If she knows she can't upset you, she'll probably give up.